Here it is from the readme.txt file:

  List of Fixes for EBF 21365


Following is a list of fixes which are cumulative to this release.  Each

fix is listed along with the EBF in which it was first released and the

description of the problem. The list is sorted by the EBFID column.

EBFID   BugID          Description

—–   ————   ———————————————

21365   737711         Toolbar icons disappear after customizing

PowerBar1.  When you add the icons back to

PowerBar1 and restart PB.   The icons are

still missing. It will only show 2 icons.

21365   736647         Customer tried to create a PB.Net Assembly

target that uses iTextSharp. Resulted in

illegal datatype compile errors.   This works

in Visual Studio.

21365   736348         Customer has an application that displays

tooltips with an expression.   Once enabled

and you move down the rows with the arrow

keys, the tooltip is still displayed for rows

not meeting the expression.

21365   735774         Landscape orientation ignored if printername

greater than 30 characters.

21365   735764         The function OleControl.InsertFile() fails if

the length of the full pathname is larger than

128 characters long.

21365   733968         Importfile() returned -1 to Empty File.

21365   733709         When you open a window containing a dw that

calls a global function that returns a global

variable, editing the global variables causes

PB to crash.

21365   733175         Customer has XML that includes the following

datetime format that fails validation when

imported into a datetime column in a

datawindow using ImportString  




instance”>   2012-12-17T09:36:18-

07:00   1234567




07:00  In the resolution

for CR 290457 I see the following, customer

says XMLSchema and XMLSchema-instance should

be treated the same.  1. If the meta data type

is XMLNone or XMLDTD then the datetime format

is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss 2. If the meta data

type is XMLSchema, one of the acceptable

formats is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss where T is the

letter to seperate date and time (speciifed in

5.4 of ISO8601)

21365   732586         DW Activex does not display in PB 12.5 using

Internet Explorer   Cannot register the

psdwc125.dll, it returns an error

DllRegisterServer failed with error code

0x80040200   According to the PB

documentation: The DataWIndow Web Control for

ActiveX is a deprecated technology and might

not be supported in future releases of


21365   732457         A Button placed in an N_Up DataWindow

evaluates expressions for the wrong row when

firing the buttonclicked event.

21365   731949         The customer has a PB 9 app that processes

very large reports.  He retireves the reports

in a separate thread and once retrieved does a

GetFullState to pass a blob back to the main

PB thread. He can retrieve reports up to just

under 1 Gig, and then the GetFullState will

double the memory usage but still be under the

2 Gig limit.  All works fine as long as he

keeps the reports under 1 Gig.  He does this

by monitoring the datawindow storage property.

He is migrating this applcation to PB 12.5.

But he is finding that the thread in PB 12.5

is crashing when it reaches just 1 Gig of

total memory.  So he is limited now in PB 12.5

to reports of under 500 meg which when doubled

by the GetFullState will stay under the

apparent new limit of 1 Gig.  Why is this

happening in PB 12.5?  Why can’t he get the

same 2 Gig of total memory usage as he had in

PB 9?

21365   731712         Thread safety problem; when calling a

PowerBuilder nvo, deployed as a .NET assembly,

within a multithreaded environment, sometimes

a Messagebox appears:

System.NullReferenceException: Object

Reference not set to an instance of an object



ession() at c__testproject.InitAssembly()

21365   730125         Customer has a COM Interop .NET assembly that

works in VS 2010 but in PB 12.5.x .NET does

not seem to expose the GET and SET methods.

In VS 2010, one must ‘Embed Interop Type’ to

False. This appears to be new .NET 4

functionality for COM Interop.  This code

compiles in PB 12.1


DFCreactiveX i_pdfapp i_pdfapp = create


DFCreactiveXClass   System.Object x  x =

i_pdfapp.get_ObjectAttribute(“x”, “y”);  In PB

12.5.x .NET the last line of code generates

IntelliSense error ‘Cannot find the element



DFCreactiveX i_pdfapp i_pdfapp = create


DFCreactiveXClass   System.Object x  x =

i_pdfapp.ObjectAttribute[“x”,”y”]  This

version is OK with Intellisense    x =

i_pdfapp.ObjectAttribute  but the project

compiles with   “Indexed property


IPDFCreactiveX.ObjectAttribute’ has non-

optional arguments which must be provided”

21365   729698         When editing a large string in the debugger,

the string variable will get truncated and

data will be lost.  The string variable has

over 20,000 characters.

21365   729380         PowerBuilder 12.5.1. Build 4953:  When

importing numeric XML data into a decimal(2)

DataWindow column only the first digit is


21365   728964         Rand PowerScript function not working in a PB

.NET WebService

21365   728848         The Source Control currently used is Perforce

( ). It can use

Unicode but if the HEXASCII behaviour is right

its not necessary.  Now when exporting using

HEXASCII encoding Umlaut characters are not

encoded correctly. Problem exists in PB

Classic, earlier Build 4595 is OK.

As it seems also characters with accents are

not correctly translated in HEXASCII.

21365   727843         Tested with PB  The webservice

worked in 11.5, but when migrated to PB 12.5.1

(classic), they get this error when trying to

deploy it: a_wf_ctn_act.asmx.cs(2111,28):

error CS0012: The type


DataStore’ is defined in an assembly  Error:

C# Compilation error when invoking


21365   727162         Webservice proxy client using decimal datatype

in return structure is ignoring the decimal

seperator in non english environment.

21365   726731         RightA() may return empty or crash on

PowerBuilder .Net if a very long multi-byte

string is specified.

21365   726726         Starting with build 4953, PrintOpen is

returning a -1 any time the showprintdialog

argument is false:  Job = PrintOpen()  //this

fails with -1  Job = PrintOpen(“Print

Window”,false)   //this also fails with -1

Job = PrintOpen(“Print Window”,true)   //this

code works

21365   726700         In a nested report, objects are overlaying the

footer, when they should be pushed to the next

page. This happens when you have an

environment variable


defined! Either way it does not push the cut

controls.  If you do not have this environment

variable defined then it does not push as

expected. In this case when it is not defined

if you set the datawindow property


ge=yes’) then it pushes the cut controls

correctly for that datawindow.   But if you

have both the datawindow property and the

environment variable set to yes, it should

push obviously but it does not.  This is a

problem with the environment variable.    It

would also seem that what should happen is

that the code should override the enviornment

variable such that I could have all

datawindows do what the enviornment variable

is set to and override that behavior on

specific datawindows with the dw property.  I

think that is how it should work.

21365   725298         The customer has a app the uses the RTE

control.  They have user’s that type in text

and also use the Print Screen button or Alt-

PrintScreen button to capture a screen print

and paste it into the RTE control.  They may

do this many times. Then subsequently they use

the rtename.SaveDocument ( filename

,FileTypeDoc!) to save a .doc file.  This file

in PB 10.5 contained all the screen shots

embedded in the document.  They then process

this file external to PB.    But now in PB

12.5 when the doc is saved both a .doc file

and a separate .wmf for each screen shot is

created. The screen print graphics are no

longer embedded into the document file. Both

PB 10.5 and PB 12.5 use the TX control, so

this apprears to be a regression after the RTE

change over to the TX Control.  We found

another issue than mentions the PB function

rte.InsertPicture().  This does embed an

image, but is not very useful to this customer

for the way they are constantly grabbing

screen images and pasting them into the RTE.

There is no easy way for them to use

insertpicture for their users to workaround

this issue.  According to this link:

20050406/ the TX control does have a property

to determine if images are embedded or linked,

and another property to set the format on

images.  So it would seem that if these

properties were made available in

PowerBuilder, that users could have the

flexibility to do what they need either way.

21365   725289         Treeview datawindow, scrolling through the

rows shows a memory leak only in the

executable.  Tested with both pcode and

machine code. When run in the PB IDE, the

memory leak is not present.

21365   724809         Datawindow with computed fields referencing

other compute fields with cumulativeSum()

cannot be opened anymore once migrated to PB


21365   724644         A call is executed with an array argument to a

webservice, but only a nill argument is passed

to the webservice call.

21365   724378         App migrated from PB 11 to PB 12.5.1 stops

responding.  The mdi application has an

external datawindow with a taborder

21365   724043         Customer uses copyrtf() with just an image

that has been cut and pasted from Excel and in

PB 10.5 they received back an rtf string.

They are currently using PB 11.5 and they are

getting back an empty string.  Tested in PB

12.5.1 and this still returns and empty

string.     Through testing, if there is any

text including a space along with the pasted

image, an rtf string is returned.

21365   723383         PB IDE cannot detect the user DLL who exists

in a current folder after connecting with

Orace Database using Oracle Client.

21365   721280         Performance of .NET web service using xml

serializer is slower than in PB 11.5.

Performance is slower on first call and

subsequent calls.  Webservice is using xml

serializer workaround with the sgen.exe tool.

RESOLUTION:  Upgraded to PB 12.5.1 (build

4953) and performance improved

21365   720492         WCF WS namespace attribute being ignored

21365   720212         A datawindow button that is first in the tab

order is skipped and initial focus is on the

next object.

21365   720138         Using setbasicauthentication for a

soapconnection will use the first call

unauthenticated, and then will do a second one

with uid and pwd. PB works against spec like, however

we require a setting such as preemptive

authentication in order to prevent the first


21365   720022         Deploying an inherited WebService that was

based on pfc objects gave an error:  Error: C#

compilation error when invoking pbwsemit.exe

21365   718713         Compiler Build Error when trying to build a

WPF application containing an external

assembly:  Error  The build was aborted

because of an internal failure.

System.ArgumentException: The project file

“C: estpbtestmain.out.csproj” was not


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