Reading Binary File Using ICO: As we all know, in PI, the File adapter can read any type of file, not just XML-formatted data.  This useful when we can use a java mapping program to parse the content of the message, no matter what format it is in.  An example is reading an Excel file, then use java mapping to parse the content into XML.  The resulting XML then can be used with a subsequent mapping program, e.g. Message Mapping.

This has been done previously uisng the “classical” configuration, e.g. using Sender Agreement, Receiver Determination, etc.  However, when using the Integrated Configuration (ICO), we may encounter the following error:

Module Exception ‘ senderChannel ‘b4dc6bd27a6634e9896d5abe876a8a0a’: Catching exception calling messaging system’ found, cause: Cannot parse message payload to determine operation for receiver Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence

To resolve this error, we need to delete the SWCV (by blanking it out) in the ICO configuration.  Once done, the message will go through without error.


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