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Let’s Chat in SAP GUI

The same application has been enhanced with lots of more new options, which we all use so often in other Chat Applications.

Below are new points has been added in application.

1. User Categorized by

    1. a. Online
    2. b. Off line
    3. c. Bookmark &
    4. d. Group

2. User Setting

3. Set chat font

4. Set Chat Back ground colour

5. Set chat font colour

6. Set User chat Picture

7. Set Chat background picture

8. User Current Status

9. Chat with Multiple user at same time.

10.  Add smiles in chat text

11.  Send Files

12.  Send document information

13.  Change status based on work.

14.  Listen chat information

User Category

Below is initial screen of chat, initially screen contains no user information.


By using search option, user can search all users from current system.

Search string could be user name or like name or blank to get all online or offline users.


Based on selected tab, either online or offline, users will display in search window to selected any one user to start chat.


By selection of any of user from search window, chat window will option (as below)


Chat window title would be based on selected user.

Selected chat user will add in main application window, if the same does not exist after closing chat window.



Every user contains three options in display with name.

1.User chat picture, this can be change by setting.

2. Bookmark user for fast access through bookmark tab

3. Add in group to categorize user id in groups.

By selection of bookmark option, it turns to green colour and selected user will be adding in bookmark tab.


To add user into a group, select option. By selection of group option, a pop-up screen will open to select an existing group or create new one.


Initially, group drop-down contains, ‘NEW GROUP’ option, by selection of this option another screen open to provide a new group name.


After enter group name, selected user will be display under group tab under selected group name.


New group name will display in group pop-up/drop-down to add another user into same group.

User Setting


User setting option covers below option.

a.      Set chat font

             Chat fonts option contains all font information, by selection of font from drop down, selected font style will be display “this  is sample of selected font”.

b.      Set chat font colour and Chat Back ground colour

            By selection of option, a new pop-up window will open to choose font and chat colour.

Default or selected colours will be at the top with * option. Both font and chat background colour cannot be same. System will raise an exception message if both colours are same.


C.      Set User chat Picture & Set Chat background picture.

             By default user picture will be same as displaying in above setting page. User can change chat picture by using “Set User Chat Pic” option. Note: size limit cannot be more then 0.5MB for user and 1MB for background picture for chat.

On acceptance of changes, if picture got changes, then user needs to provide a valid customize package name and transport request to store the selected picture in MIME folder.

SAP Communicator 2.0  Part 2

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