Listed below are some F&R t-codes that would be useful for QA folks involved in testing this module. In no way is this a comprehensive list, and it is possible that some of the explanations provided are not fully accurate.

This is intended to help those who’re new to SAP’s F&R module and need some guidance on where to go in the system to find/ do some common things in there.

When we started implementing F&R in my organization, I was not very successful in finding information on the internet regarding this module. Hence, this article. I hope it folks find it helpful.

/n/fre/rwb Create/ view order proposals (OPs)
/n/fre/ordno View a single order proposal (OP)
/n/fre/cade Runs for 1 combination of location and product.

Can be used to check if article (product) is currently listed to a location. If article listing (to specified location) is currently valid, the row will appear in yellow.

Also used to confirm procurement cycle assignment.

/n/fre/tse01 Most commonly, used to review:

consumption data (Key figure parameter: CONS_DATA)

Forecast with safety amount (Key figure parameter: FC_MAX)

Forecast w/o safety amount (Key figure parameter: FC_MEAN)

Order forecast (ORD_FC)

/n/fre/cdm_viewer Another option to view forecast data & consumption data based on location, then product.


Read stock data for 1 or more location – product combinations.
/n/fre/schedule Review/ maintain procurement cycles
/n/fre/mass_trprod2 Review transportation lanes.

Enter source location, target location (typically DC –> store) and execute.

Highlight result row and click on the ‘Display time dependent values’ icon.

SE38 –> /fre/ts_generate Program to generate consumption data
SE38 –> /FRE/FU_TOOLS_TS_FILE_LOAD Program to feed consumption data via a text file. Format below:



/n/FRE/MASS_MATLOC Mass maintenance for location-products.

Enter product(s)/ location(s) and execute. Double click to review a specific entry.

Clicking on the ‘TD fields’ icon displays listing information.

/n/fre/mass_loc Mass maintenance for locations.

Enter location(s) # and execute. Double click to review a specific entry. Used to view and validate any new vendors pushed from ECC to SCM.

/n/fre/difwb DIF WB. Used to check transfer of promotions from ECC to FnR
/n/fre/pwb Product workbench: confirm location product data

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