With SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM), a modern and flexible tool is provided in order to manage issues and activities of all kinds and for all industries. It enables easy tracking, analysis and monitoring of issues and related activities – across systems and applications.  Furthermore, SAP QIM supports integrated scenarios by triggering issues from other applications, linking issues with processes in connected applications or by initiating follow-up actions in connected systems during the course of an issue resolution.  Besides standard quality issue resolution, scenarios such as improvement requests and activity management for continuous improvement programs can also be supported.  Thus, SAP QIM is SAP´s new approach to CAPA (corrective and preventive actions) as well as a new approach for manufacturers to address their quality issues and related activities across system borders.

In a typical scenario…


  • A quality issue is detected (e.g. customer, service technician, …)
  • The issue is reported to the issue submitter who enters the issue in the SAP QIM system
  • The issue is forwarded to the issue driver who decides which person should be involved in the issue resolution process (e.g. Sales, Purchasing, Quality Management, …) and assigns tasks to each of the business partners
  • The different partners find the tasks which have been assigned to them in their respective workflows
  • After having processed the tasks, the business partners provide feedback to the issue driver who validates the results. For example, he checks whether the actions taken are sufficient to solve the issue. If yes, he can complete the issue and also do a final validation as an effectiveness check

SAP QIM is ideal for large to midsize manufacturing companies, e.g. with multiple SAP ERP deployments, with the need for a global and consistent quality issue monitoring and tracking system.

Note that using QM in SAP ERP is not a prerequisite for using SAP QIM.

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For further information, please refer to the following additional resources:

  • SAP Solutions for Manufacturing ->  Explore Quality Management and Compliance  -> Quality Issue Management
  • Download the QIM Solution Brief
  • SAP Help Portal QIM Online Documentation

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