SAPUI5 web applications or Fiori apps on SAP Cloud Platform always use one specific SAPUI5 library version, which you define during configuration of your applications or Fiori launchpad site.

Each SAPUI5 version has next to a defined set of features, a defined browser platform support matrix. The “web browser platform” is the combination of web browser version and the operating system the browser runs on.

SAPUI5 supports in general web applications for desktop, tablet and smartphones devices and supports major browser vendors, like Google Chrome; Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and until 2021 Internet Explorer 11 on major client platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android on different devices like defined tablets or phones and desktops.

However not all possible web browser platform combinations are or were supported with each SAPUI5 version at all time.

Today we experience shorter browser release cycles and typically increasing browser features in each browser version. New browser versions are continuously adapted in new SAPUI5 versions, which leads over time to a browser “support history”.

Important for custom developers, the SAPUI5 library itself consists again out of a set of different sub-libraries. Each one may have different supported browsers for historic or technical reasons.

In addition, Fiori applications may add additional restrictions or support only a subset of the possible web browser platforms. Depending on the nature and form factor of a particular application it might not be feasible to support smaller device form factors like tablet or smartphones. Or technical restrictions may lead to excluded support for certain browsers.


In summary SAPUI5 web browser platform support on SAP Cloud Platform depends on

  • the browser and the operatings system of the browser
  • the used hardware (“device”), especially for mobile browser.
  • the SAPUI5 version
  • usage of special SAPUI5 libraries with reduced browser support in custom development
  • the additional notes and restrictions for SAP Fiori apps
  • the “form factor” of the SAP Fiori App: desktop, tablet, phone



Supported browser and operating systems

SAPUI5 supports the following Browsers for desktop operating systems: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari (on MacOS) and Microsoft Edge.

Touch operations and gestures on desktop browser are supported by SAPUI5 technology  (note: not all SAPUI5 based SAP web applications include touch support).

SAP supports the following Mobile Browsers: Apple Safari (on iOS), Google Chrome (on Android), Android (on Android)

Detailed release information about supported Web Browser Platforms and links to additional information is available in the product documentation of the SAPUI5 SDK, section SAPUI5 Browser and Platform Support  (newest SDK version).

If you are looking for a previous SAPUI5 version, check at which versions are available. You can view the version-specific Demo Kit by adding the version number to the URL, e.g.

For more information, see Versioning of SAPUI5.

Particular browser information can be found in the attached central notes per browser (see related notes).


SAP mobile and device specific support

For mobile operating systems, support is restricted to reference devices. This means support incidents should be provided on the listed reference devices and will be handled on these devices.

For Apple

Apple always supports the 2 latest releases of the iOS operating system and the included Safari browser. SAP follows the Apple policy.

Apple iPhone and iPad devices are in general supported until 3 years from the vendor device release date, except defined otherwise by SAP.

For Android

Android OS based devices are very fragmented in matters of operating system variants and hardware diversity.

SAP supports the following Android reference devices until 3 years from vendor device release date, except defined otherwise by SAP: Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone and Tablet.

For details see SAP Product Availability Matrix in SAPUI5 SDK (newest SDK version).


SAP Recommendations for using web browsers at customer site

If possible, SAP recommends that customers support at least two alternative web browsers as “company browsers”. In general, there is not a convenient way to switch back to a previous browser version if a new browser update or patched version contains incompatible changes, which in rare cases, may cause rendering issues. In addition, preventing browser updates may not the desired approach.

In the case of technical issues, the recommended alternative browsers can function as a backup and may open strategic alternatives for the client platform.


End of Support

Support of Web Browser Browser Platforms ends latest with end of support of the Web Browser platform by the Vendor. End of Internet Explorer 11 support for SAPUI5 is planned for Q1/2021.


SAP Cloud Platform Portal and Fiori Launchpad Site

  • SAP Cloud Platform Portal
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites within SAP Cloud Platform Portal

Supported browsers, platforms and languages for SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

SAP CP Portal supports the same browsers and platforms as SAPUI5 (sap.m mobile library) excluding Windows Phone. For more information, see: Browser support for sap.m mobile library


SAP Cloud Platform Browser Support

The SAP Cloud Platform cockpit supports basically the same browsers as SAPUI5 desktop (without touch support). For more information, see feature scope description of SAP Cloud Platfom (pdf) , (web link).



Additional Information


1728946 – Browser: Browser Support Strategy for NetWeaver

1716423 – SAPUI5 Browser Support

1935915 – Fiori for Business Suite: Browser / Devices / OS Information




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