Simplify and accelerate B2B integration – SAP’s B2B add-on unveiled

In the beginning of 2012, March to be exact, SAP launched their own B2B integration software – the new B2B add-on for SAP PI and PO. Since that time, numerous blogs were published and dozens of articles were written. Time for a wrap-up, with links to key blogs and documents. 

Let’s start with the B2B add-on itself

  • it is a new product, released on 30.03.2012
  • B2B integration with 100% SAP products, no more third-party dependencies
  • it is an add-on, SAP PI or SAP PO is required
  • included in the SAP PO license

Already since the very beginning, innovation and feature adoption came at high speed

Simplify and accelerate B2B integration – SAP’s B2B add-on unveiled

Now, SAP decided to keep enhancing SP4. Do not expect to see SP5 at short notice.

Looking at the content, you see B2B infrastructure services, technical adapters and numerous converter modules. On top of that, the Secure Connectivity add-on can be installed and configured to add up encryption.

Simplify and accelerate B2B integration – SAP’s B2B add-on unveiled

Please keep in mind that the Secure Connectivity add-on is a separate download and requires a separate configuration approach.

First thing to do is to download and install the B2B add-on. 5 Years ago, it was a real struggle.
After each additional support pack or patch release, the installation became much easier and bug free. Over the years, I published some key blogs about new features, available in a specific support pack.


  • EDI Search Parameter Module
  • Archiving of different payloads (AS2 adapter)
  • Process synchronous MDN messages
  • EDI Attachment Parameter
  • Human readable report
  • enhancements and new features


  • NRO for Functional Acknowledgements
  • AS2 Log Viewer


  • B2B Alerts
  • B2B Log Viewer

Besides that, some general blogs and documents are available

  • Low-scale message archiving: correlating an IDOC and an EDI interchange
  • The convenience of number range objects

During numerous tests and demo scenarios, I used AS2 software. In the beginning that too was a struggle to get it up and running. Therefore, a blog series is available (I) (II) (III) (IV) to get you kick started.

And last, but not least, the presentation for the Belgian user group (SAPience).
Questions, doubts or things to add? Please do not hesitate and contact me!


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