While trying on the SAP Hana Cloud Integration trial version for integration with on premise SAP systems and cloud SAP applications – one issue of concern is the connection between SAP HCI and on premise SAP PI or ECC system from network perspective. The reverse proxy approach is not always the best approach and the client network teams are sometimes reluctant to have firewall rules modified with service end points. SAP Cloud Connector based on SAP Hana Cloud Platform can be an easy to use alternative in this case and it also handles propagation of the cloud user identity in a trusted manner to on-premise SAP system.

For testing purpose only, let us try in this blog to reach the ping service on On Premise SAP system from SAP Hana Cloud Integration using SAP Cloud Connector.

SAP Hana Cloud Platform and SAP Hana Cloud Integration trial user has been used to set up the connection.

  1. Activate the HTTP service in sicf transaction. Once activated successfully the following link can be checked in local browser or you can use the ‘Test Service’ option shown below.                                                                                                                                                                                        https://:/sap/public/ping?sap-client=



     In this blog we will try to reach this onPremise ping service from SAP HCI and capture the response i.e ‘Server reached successfully’ in a file.

     2. Setting up SAP Cloud Connector

For setting up the SAP Cloud Connector please refer to the following link :


Refer to the section ‘Install the SCC’ section for installing the cloud connector and ‘Establish connection to your cloud account’ to setup the connection to your SAP HCP trial account.

     3. Setting up the Connectivity application in SAP Hana Cloud Platform from Eclipse

For this example, we will use the connectivity sample from the SAP Hana Cloud Platform SDK available from https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#cloud

The ‘connectivity’ project is imported into Eclipse and deployed in SAP Hana Cloud platform as described in Rui ‘s opensap course on SAP Hana Cloud Platform. This is basically a servlet which requests data from onPremise system and passes this to the calling system in this case SAP HCI system. The primary steps are outlined below :

  1. The Hana Cloud Platform server is setup in Eclipse as below :


    .b. Right click on the imported project and Run On Server to deploy the application in SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

  c. Double click on the server and adjust the URL destination ‘backend-no-auth-destination’ to the subpath – /sap/public/ping?sap-client=.The hostname and port does not need to be the actual onpremise SAP server and we will set the mapping of system names in next step. We are using here the destination ‘backend-no-auth-destination’ which is provided in the sample ‘connectivity’as well.

d. Set the mapping of the external system and internal actual hostname in SAP cloud connector:

4. Setup SAP HCI iFlow to reach onPremise SAP system as below. The iFlow fetches the HTTP response from onPremise and writes it into a file in SFTP server

Note that in the receiver channel the Query should start with ‘&’.

The URL Address to be used in the receiver channel can be taken from Eclipse as below :

5. Set the ‘Timer start event’ in the HCI iFlow to ‘Run Once’ and deploy the project in your HCI Tenant.

6. Monitoring :

   a.  Once it is deployed successfully, the message monitoring in HCI can be checked for failures.

The message processing log is shown below on selecting the message in the ‘Properties’ tab.

b. Logs in the SAP Cloud Connector can be checked in the ‘Logs’ link in the left pane after logging in to SAP Cloud Connector.

7. Checking the result :

The file is checked in the path in SFTP server which is mentioned in the HCI receiver channel. The file has the response from onPremise ping service confirming the connectivity setup.

For a number of cases, for example when cloud applications like Successfactors (for example Employee Replication interface from SF to SAP ECC) is being integrated with on Premise SAP using SAP HCI , SAP Cloud Connector can be a helpful tool and hope SAP will have a recommended approach at some point of time to frequently use the Cloud Connector with SAP HCI Integrations.

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