We are a little late in sending our ACA test scenarios to the IRS. We finally received our TCCs today — 2 of them, one for us as the Issuer and one for the Software Developer (which we probably do not need).

We submitted the XML files for the Scenario 7-0/7-1 (1094/1095Cs). IRS sent us a Rejection on our submission with an error code of AIRMF3003 – Rejected transmission – Error occurred in the TCC. When looking at the detail of the error message it indicates that the ‘Error occurred in the TCC’. So I have a few questions:

1. It looks like it is having trouble with the UniqueTransmissionID information in the Manifest file.

  • We used the Issuer TCC, which is Active at the Role level with a T/P indicator of ‘P’, and in the Form T/P indicators section the Issuer Role is set to ‘T’ for Forms 1094/1095C. Should we have used the Software Developer TCC?
  • The UTID that we have looks like this:
    • 3464A9B9-6BF8-1ED6-918D-47ED49C480DD:SYS12:BBVLC::T
    • Is it okay if the UUID portion has upper case letters? This is what SAP generated for us.
  • Is it possible that this is just a timing issue? We are not sure if the Role Status was ‘Active’ on the IRS site before we sent the test transmission.

2. We received a different Software ID from IRS than what was generated in the XML Manifest file by SAP.

  • If I edit it and change it to our Software ID, then do I have to recalculate the ChecksumAugmentationNum and the AttachmentByteSizeNum ?

3. Am I right in assuming that if I edit one of the XML files (in this case the Manifest file), that we need to upload both of them into the AATS site?

4. For the 1094C file, is the AggregatedGroupMemberCd supposed to be 2 or 1?

Sorry for all of the late questions, but this has been a bear of a project, as I’m sure all of you are very well aware of.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Beth Matthews

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