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I am writing this for those who are new to the CPS and want to create the Timewindow. This is very basic document about how we can create the time window.

First of all why we are using TimeWindow…?

— TimeWindow is used to schedule the Jobs/ JobDefinitions to run with some specific frequency which user request or you want to run on it.

So, Please follow below steps for creating the TimeWindow.

Step 1: Once you log in into the CPS then on left hand side you will find “Environment” tab in that you will find “Time Window”.

Step 2: Right Click the “Time Window” you will find “New Time Window” Option. YOu can create the time window by dupliucating exesting one also.

Step 3: Then Fill in the Basic details. I will come back on the highlighted part latter.

Step 4: Then please find the “Element” Tab. There we can add our various condition for opening time window and closing time window.

               Please “ADD” element by clicking the add button.


          Refer above screenshot there please give description of your element( I have given it as Elemetn1) you can add mutiple Elements also. Kindly refer eache part of it closely.

           Here below Description there is From and Until fields are ther which means you can restrict the time window to open between that span of time, if you want it to got forward do not mention any thing in that what I does here.

          Then please selet the months from which month to which month you want to open, Here I want time window to open for whole year so I have mentioned from January to December.

          Then in each month you can restrict the time window for specific days from First to any option you want, Here I pecifically given it for whole month so from First day to Last day.

          Similary you can mentioned the day wise restrictions and also by time wise in a day.

          If you have periodic function then please include in periodic function field.

          and Below as Lable states please metion the time zone along. and also you can have facility to enable time window or disable time window with referance of other time window time and open period.

Now I will come on Step 3 highlighted part. You can enable or disable time window with referance of other time window.

Is Calender need to be selected when you want to ristrict the time window to close 2nd last or 3rd last… day of the month.

You can check the you Time window open interval in ” Opent At” Tab.

Hey friends correct me if I went wrong some where.


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