DI API and UI API Change List: Here, I am sharing the DLL change document which shows the differences in DLLs between two patches.

Use the link below to access this document:

Access Change List Document

It will provide you the following information:

  1. Contents removed in a patch.
  2. Contents added in a patch.
  3. Contents modified in a patch.

Document contains the information as below:

  1. Namespace: It will tell you a scope that contains a set of related objects. This will include SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM.
  2. ClassName: A blueprint which defines the data and behavior of a type like: BusinessPartnerClass, ChartsofAccountClass etc.
  3. MemberType: A property that can be used to determine the member type of any given member. It will simply describe whether it is a method, property, enumeration or TypeInfo etc.
  4. MemberName: Gets the name of the current member like ‘Add’ , ‘SetCurrentLine’ , ‘Choose’ etc.
  5. BaseType: Gets the type from which the current Type directly inherits like System_COMObject, System.Void,System.ValueType,System.Object etc.
  6. PropertyType: Gets a Type object that represents the type (the class or structure) that contains the property like System.String, System.Int32 etc.
  7. Read/Write: Specifies whether a property is read only or read/write property.

Note: Changes in existing methods/property/Enum can be determined by comparing it with the previous patch only.

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