A companies Digital Transformation journey is not about cost reduction, it is about future investments in new markets, new opportunities or at least to
defend existing market positions against the close chasers. Competitiveness is key in a fast changing environment. Therefore a business case has to be identified, a clear strategy has to be aligned and a business and technology roadmap has to be in place.

The technology itself becomes a liberating force. As an example, it is cheap to store and process large volume of data (Big Data) these days, but only if companies are able to make it smart data and show tangible benefit, they will see adoption. Will smart data help to improve decision making, innovate business models or change business processes and business outcome. That should be put into the center of gravity!


Cloud is another technology right at the heart of digital transformation, because it means freedom, efficiency and agility. Lines of Business and IT need to act in
concert when leveraging the cloud.  

Business Networks are another liberating technology. The evolution of the social Enterprise from “Disuss” via “Share” to really “Act” and create repeatable Social business processes based on real-time DATA has been a long way to go.

We haven´t seen another technology that changed our life more than mobile devices. Everything goes mobile first today. Think of your own 24 hours a day and how much your behiour has changed based on services provided on mobiles

Smart companies that are here to leapfrog the competition will bring the forces of liberating technology and business competency together to win in the new digital market place.

The blog series explains in more detail the journey of IT organisations to regain a seat in the boardroom of the Furture by incresing the companies competitiveness.

Blog 1 about The LOB And IT Dilemma And The Pavlovian Conditioning

Blog 2 about The Balancing Act Of IT

Blog 3 about Digital Transformation As The Chance For IT To Regain Boardroom Influence

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