In the last time I have noticed that there´s a lot of missunderstandings about what you can or can´t do with the 3 BAPI´s for PO´s:



and I hope this blog helps you to understand them clearer.


Firs of all I would like to point out the differences between BAPI_PO_CREATE, BAPI_PO_CREATE1:

BAPI_PO_CREATE is based on the transaction ME21 and BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is based on the enjoy transaction ME21N. Therefore is recommended to use the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 as it has more functionalities than BAPI_PO_CREATE.


In general the BAPIs should be able to do the same as the normal transactions (ME21, ME21N, ME22N) and you will not be able to do with the BAPI what you can not do in the transaction. But BAPIs have some extra limitations. I will remark the most important missing functions from the BAPIs.




  1. You cannot create header texts when using the BAPI.
  2. You can only create subcontracting items if the components (bill of material) already exist.
  3. You cannot include the confirmation control key (at item level, field EKPO-BSTAE) for the BAPI
  4. You cannot fill the “Our reference” field (EKKO-UNSEZ)
  5. Generally, you can use the BAPI and the corresponding IDoc to change only fields that also exist in the interface.
  6. There are some limitations regarding the addresses. See SAP Note 180172 as well as the “Related notes”
  7. The system ignores the settings for the item number interval (transaction OMEC)
  8. You can only process the partner roles ‘Invoicing party’ (IP) and ‘Goods supplier’ (GS). For more information, see SAP Note 668178.
  9. You cannot create document links with the purchase order.




  1. There are some limitations regarding the addresses. See SAP Note 180172 as well as the “Related notes”
  2. The new BAPIs BAPI_PO_CREATE1 and BAPI_PO_CHANGE are available only as of Release 4.6C.
  3. The BAPIs ignore the default values maintained in transactions ME21N and ME22N.
  4. The field control logic of transaction ME22N is available for BAPI_PO_CHANGE. A corresponding function for BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is not planned for technical reasons.
  5. Configuration is not available in the BAPIs. If you require this function, you can obtain it as part of a customer project.
  6. You cannot create or change document links with the purchase order.


There are more limitations for low releases. There´s an SAP note: 197958, that lists all of them. If you have a low release (lower than 470), you might need to review it.

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