• Avoid data redundancy


  • Maintain consistency of data


  • Minimize the workload in entering and updating the data


  • Exchange data quickly & securely


  • Find documents using parameters


  • Reduce Access time


  • ISO (9000 to 9006) requires strict & high performance document management system.

SAP Document Management meets all these complex requirements. In addition to managing documents, it also coordinates document processing. You can automate the entire life cycle of a document: from document creation to document storage, from access to update. Each document can be accessed immediately from any computer in the network.



1. C_DRAW_TCD (Activities for Documents) This object controls which users can processwhich document info records, based on a combination of activity and document type.

2. C_DRAW_TCS (Status-Dependent Authorization) – This object controls which users canprocess which document info records, based on a combination of activity, document type, and status.

3. C_DRAW_STA – This object controls which statuses can be set for which document type.

4. C_DRAW_BGR (Authorization Group) – This authorization object allows you to limit access to individual documents.

5. C_DRAW_DOK (Document Access) – This authorization object controls for which originaldata of a specific document type there are access authorizations.

6. C_DRAD_OBJ (Object Link) – This object controls which users can process which document info records, based on a combination of activity, object, and status. Every authorization check is done independently and in a certain order. In document management, the levels of the authorization check are:

1. Transaction code





5. USER :Authorization object C_DRAW_BGR can be used to restrict access to individual documents. It works like a simple on/off switch. If the C_DRAW_BGR check does not find anything, the user’s authorization can be further restricted by checking C_DRAW_TCD (checks the document type) or C_DRAW_TCS (checks the combination of document type and status).


Important T-Codes for DMS:


CV01N – Create Document

CV02N – Change Document

CV03N – Display document

CV04N – Find Document







KPRO – KPRO Administration Basis – Content Management Service

OACT – Maintain Categories Basis – Content Management Service

OAC0 – CMS Customizing Content Repositories Basis – Content Management Service

DC10 – Define document types Cross Application – Document Management System

CSADMIN – Content Server Administration Basis – Content Management Service

DC30 – Define workstation application Cross Application – Document Management System

DC20 – Define data carrier Cross Application – Document Management System

CORD – Batch Record: Type of dms Used PP – Production Planning for Process Industries

CVAR – Archive dms Tables Cross Application – Document Management System

CJ14 – Display WBS Element (From dms) Project Systems – Operative Structures

CVLO – Delete Archived dms Table Entries Cross Application – Document Management System

CN19 – Display Activity (From dms) Project Systems – Network and Activity

CN26N – Display Mat. Components (From dms) Project Systems – Material

CVW2 – Index search dms in WWW Cross Application – Document Management System

CVWG – dms: Test for up/download ActiveX Cross Application – Document Management System

S_BIE_59000018 – IMG Activity: dms_SKPROG KM – Knowledge Warehouse

S_BIE_59000028 – IMG Activity: dms_SKPR04 KM – Knowledge Warehouse

S_BIE_59000029 – IMG Activity: dms_SKPR02 KM – Knowledge Warehouse

OD41 – Global dms Settings Cross Application – Document Management System


Standard Workflow Templates:


00400225 – Create Draw For Image Document

16600160 – Period-end close cost object (hierarchy)

30100050 – ArchiveLink: Early+simult. archiv. 2


Following are the BAPIs available in SAP DMS:



BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE You can change documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN You can check in documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTMODIFY You can check out documents for processing with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW You can check out documents for display with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE You can create documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSOURCE You can create documents by copyi from a source document with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVERSION You can create document versions with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_DELETE You can delete documents or set the deletion indicator with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_DEQUEUE You can unlock documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY You can display documents (without dialog) with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_ENQUEUE You can lock documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_EXISTENCECHECK You can check documents for their existence with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETACTVERSION You can determine valid document versions with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETAPPLICATION You can determine application data with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCDETAIL You can determine the detail data of a data carrier with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCLIST You can determine lists of data carriers with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL You can determine detail data for a document with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDOCTYPEDETAIL You can determine document type data with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETFRONTENDTYPE You can determine computer front end types with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST You can search for/find documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTSDOC You can determine documents for an object with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUS You can read document statuses with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUSLIST You can determine status lists for document types with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTRUCTURE You can determine document structures with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETTEXTS You can read long texts for documents with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETFRONTENDTYPE You can set the front end type for computers with this BAPI
BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETSTATUS You can set the document status with this BAPI




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