With the geographic distribution and remoteness of many Oil & Gas companies’ assets, mobility is more important than ever to better connect each employee and contractor with the business, and increase their ease in accessing vital information they need to safely and effectively do their jobs.  A well thought-out and well executed IT strategy can support mobile applications at minimal cost by leveraging an open, service-oriented architecture that makes mobile access simply another entry point to enterprise systems, and costs can be mostly limited to a handful of specialized mobile platform developers. As such, we are looking forward to our workshop in San Antonio this year at the annual Best Practices for Oil and Gas conference in San Antonio, Texas, entitled, “Build a Mobile Strategy”. 

This workshop will be hosted by Kim Obermair and myself, and will help you learn about the strategic, functional and technical aspects when mobilizing your business. The presentations and discussions describe the SAP mobile strategy, the SAP mobile platform and present current mobile solutions as well as providing a vision into transformational future applications.  In addition, the workshop offers an overview of the services provided by SAP, which aid in the successful implementation of mobility solutions at the customer site. The workshop addresses both enterprise application and consumer application scenarios.  Several strategies and case studies to build, deploy, and manage mobile solutions will be discussed. Finally, customers will share their experiences in evaluating and implementing SAPmobile products and solutions.  More information on the workshop can be found here.

If you have any questions about this workshop, or would like to see something covered not included above, please let us know.  This year’s event is bigger and better ever!  Click here to register.  We look forward to seeing you there.

I hope to see you there,

Jason Palmer

Industry Principal, Oil & Gas

SAP North America

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