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  • Business wants to budget(fund) and control spend
    only on part of project work in SAP PS
  • Project has one top WBS Element and multiple
    branches of WBS underneath:
    • For ex:
      • One branch for CAPEX and another for OPEX
        • `First one budgeted and second one isn’t!
      • One branch of WBS is for Global R&D Spend, second
        for Country R&D Spend and third for Local R&D Spend- first two are
        budgeted and last isn’t!
  • Budget Profile- Availability Control(AVAC)
    active on budgeting
  • Define budgeting tolerance limit for AVAC (ex: 100%-
    • It may be controlled at transaction level
  • User status
    profile (for WBS Element)
    • With couple of statuses and one among them
      forbidding ‘Availability Control’ (that is preferably not initial status)
      • INIT – initial status
      • NAVC- status that prohibits Business Transaction
      • YAVC- status that permits ‘AVAC’
    • For purpose of this document, user status ‘INIT’
      does not prohibit any business transaction
  • Project/WBSEs are obviously released
  • Cost element(s) may or may not be exempted from


  1. Steps:


  • Create and Release Project structure
    • Project may have:
      • 1 Level 1 WBS Element (WBSE),
      • 3 Level2 WBS Elements and
      • multiple Level3 WBS Element under each Level 2
      • A WBS branch is defined as one level 2 WBSE with
        its subordinate WBSEs
  • Budget one branch of WBS
  • AVAC automatically activated for entire project
    • Note: AVAC activation is at Proj Def level
  • System sets status BUDG automatically on the
    budgeted WBS Element as well parent WBS Elements
  • Now set the user status (NAVC) on the level 1
    (parent) WBS Element. Don’t choose
    ‘set and pass on’ option while setting the status
  • Also set the user status (NAVC) on the level 2
    WBS element for the branch that should be excluded from availability control.
    Here you may choose to ‘set and pass on’ option
  • Any commitment/actual posting (of course depending
    on other config.) will not fail on account of AVAC in the branch of WBS with user
    status NAVC
  • Any commitment/actual posting will fail in the Availability
    controlled branch of WBS with user status INIT or YAVC


Alternate option:

  • Configure the user status profile with initial
    status prohibiting ‘AVAC’. In this case, no WBS Elements will be protected by ‘AVAC’
  • So User has to remember to set the User status
    permitting ‘AVAC’ to control project spend. If not, spend may exceed budget!

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