In her roadmap announcement, Gali Kling Schneider mentioned that a mega menu — a more detailed, more descriptive navigation — is on its way.

Next week, it will be here, and you’ll be able to witness its glorious mega-ness for yourself — when this new navigation rolls out across the site.

The mega menu will go into effect for all of It’s not just for the “Community” section. But when you select “Community” from the navigation, you’ll see this:

As Gali mentioned in her roadmap post, the mega menu is meant to provide “easier navigation, along with methods for finding content within the community.” As the drop-down menu above shows, you’ll be able to go directly to several sections within the SAP Community, all grouped by plainly named categories.

Compare that to the current (non-mega) drop-down:

With the new navigation, you’ll be able to get to the bulk of the community with a single click, whereas with the navigation above, you can only go to a top-level page — and you need to find your way from there.

This new navigation is far different from what you currently experience, so we didn’t want the change to surprise you next week.

And while we’re on the subject of potentially surprising new additions…

You may notice one other change next week — on the SAP Community home page. For the next 3 months, SAP will feature seven of its partners on this page. These partners offer innovative ways to supplement or extend SAP solutions, services, and products. These partners have been selected based on a previous arrangement with SAP, where each had offers that were removed when the new SAP Community experience went live in October of 2016.

(A final note: I hope that the paragraph above doesn’t feel like I’m trying to bury the lede. Just as we didn’t want the launch of the mega menu to catch you off guard, we didn’t want the appearance of the images to come out of the blue. We also wanted you to know that this is a limited-time arrangement — not a long-term plan. I intend to share this news in other posts between now and the end of next week, in the hopes of getting this information gets to as many members as possible.)

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