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How to activate SLED Functionality: The company requires that procured materials are received at warehouse within specified shelf life. The material must have minimum 8 days of shelf life remaining at the time of goods receipt. The material has 20 days shelf life from date of manufacture. SLED requirement need to be confirmed during following cases:

  • Goods receipt against PO (mvt 101)
  • Release GR blocked stock for warehouse (mvt 105)
  • Stock transfer between plants (mvt 301)

In the event vendor provided goods do not match minimum shelf life requirement, warehouse would receive the goods as “GR blocked stock” (Mvt 103)

Material Master Setting

We are making following settings in Plant data view:

  • minimum shelf life remaining : 8
  • Period indicator for shelf life: D (day)
  • Total shelf life: 20

T-Code OMJ5

We need to activate both plant and movement type for SLED.


We have activated following plants for SLED:

  • 0006
  • 0007
  • 0008
  • 1000
  • 1100

How to activate SLED Functionality

Movement Type

We have activated following movement type for SLED:

  • Mvt 101
  • Mvt 105


Vendor shipped the goods and we would receive the material against Mvt 101 with date of manufacture 08/20/2013 (MM-DD-YYYY)

  • As expected, system generated error since material has insufficient shelf life expiry date
  • Now we would post GR as GR blocked stock (Mvt 103)

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