Note: This blog/scenario is applicable only to fill the setup tables with the archived Purchase orders for Logistics application no. 02 (Purchasing).


In BW, delta extraction is happening for the purchasing data sources on daily basis. Due to some reasons, sometimes we need to do the repair full load based on the selection of purchase orders which are archived in R/3 system. Before running the repair full info package, we have to fill the setup tables in R/3 system with the selection of purchase orders which are archived in R/3 system.


Once the Purchase order is archived, we can’t see it in the table level. And if we want to fill those Purchase orders in setup tables, we have to give the “Archiving Session” id. Now we want to see the archived PO details and also we have to find out “Archiving Session” details to fill the setup tables in R/3 system.


To see the archived Purchase order details, go to t. Code ME82 and give the Purchase order number in the “Document Number” field and click on “Execute (F8)” button. It will display the Purchase order  details.


To find the “Archiving Session” details for any Purchase order, go to t. Code SE11 and give ZARIXMM5 in the data base table name filed and click on display. Once the table is displayed, click on “Contents” and give the “Purchasing Doc” no. and click on “Execute (F8)” button. You can find the “Archiving Session” details in the column “Key for Archive file”.

Once you get the “Archiving Session” details, go to t. Code OLI3BW to fill the setup tables for Logistics application no. 02 (Purchasing). Give the “Purchasing document” No., “Archiving Session” id and also fill the other required fields like “Name of the Run”, “Termination date” & “Termination time”. Once you give all the required fields, click on “Execute (F8)” button.

If you want to run the job in the background, go to “Program” menu item and click on “Execute in Background”. The job will execute in the background. We can monitor the job in t. Code SM37 to check the status of the job.

Once the job is finished and setup table is filled in R/3 system, we can run repair full info package in BW to extract and load the data.

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