How to Monitor URL availability with Solman 7.1 MAI

How to Monitor URL availability with Solman 7.1 MAI: You are aware of the connection monitoring functionality in SOLMAN 7.1( I am assuming) . WIth connection monitoring we can monitor RFC destinations of types ABAP, HTTP, TCP etc.

We can also monitor URL ( http or https) with connection monitoring. We can define an RFC of type G or H and in the technical setting define the variables of the URL to be monitored as below and setup connection monitoring in SOLMAN technical monitoring for connections

Thats one way of monitoring the URL availability.

Its good, but its doesn’t have the visual aspect and appeal associated with other monitoring dashboards in Solman MAI. Like for eg: as below for availability of an ABAP system


So, is there is a simple way of achieving something like this for a URL ( for eg: Web dispatcher URL) which is different for different systems, but corresponds to one system ID. Can we create a metric and alert in a system template and can it be used by all systems. Instead of creating different monitoring objects or scenarios in Solman connection monitoring

Yes, this can be achieved. For this we need use the GRMG and CCMS functionality together and MAI.

This is described as below with the example of a web dispatcher URL.

To monitor a web dispatcher for system XYZ. I will have to define a grmg scenario for the web dispatcher of the system XYZ,  in system XYZ ( GRMG t-code) as shown below.

Once this is done, the availability of this URL will be reported in CCMS of system XYZ as below

Once this is achieved, we can create a custom metric and a custom alert of type availability to feed these values to solman MAI. Create the metric and alert under a template of type Technical system. I have also used a custom RFC pull extractor to pull values using only the name of the MTE class(MTE_CLASS)

Other wise if I would have used the name of the MTE_OBJECT as well , we will not be able to generalize the metirc to be used by all  systems as the object value is different for different systems

SAP delivered document  “How-to: Create Custom CCMS Metrics and Alerts” elaborates how to create custom metrics, alerts and extractors.

Also see my other document on how to create custom extractors.

The custom metric definitions are as below for availability and status of WD URL


Assign these metrics to a Custom Alert as below.  Once this is done, re-apply the template to the monitored object.

We can now see the Web dispatcher availability for the system XYZ under the system availability section in the monitoring dashboard.

For any new system ABC, we just need to create the GRMG scenario for that system’s WD and re-apply the monitoring template to it.

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