How To Use SuccessFactors To Increase Your Company’s Marketing ROI

How To Use SuccessFactors To Increase Your Company’s Mark-eting ROI: What you put into a company determines what you get out of it. Company leaders understand that they cannot expect to make money or grow a business without also making significant investments. After all, brands cannot expect to sell out a collection if they don’t find ways to advertise the products in the first place. Organizational leaders are constantly striving to create innovative initiatives and investment opportunities that will ultimately distinguish the brand from competitors and increase it’s market share. But the most significant investment any corporate leader can make is in its people.

The most innovative ideas or cutting edge technologies cannot outweigh the power of people. Employees are the bloodlines of brands. More often than not, an engaged internal workforce creates a strong external product. It goes without saying that without employees, brands simply could not operate. Sure, new technologies are taking over some jobs and industries, but employees are the ones who bring new, interesting ideas to the table and who liaise with consumers to put a human face and voice to a brand. People have always been and will always be an organization’s greatest asset.

Think of the most innovative marketing campaigns you’ve seen in the past year. Perhaps you enjoyed Deadpool’s social media barrage or Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival pop-up on Snapchat. As it turns out, the driving force behind those campaigns were not Instagram or Snapchat, but people. Team members working on those accounts and projects stepped forward with interesting ideas and were given the support to run with them.

Employees Maintaining

When employees are happy, an entire company thrives. But employee happiness doesn’t just happen naturally – companies have to invest in tools and programs to keep workers engaged. SAP’s SuccessFactors is a holistic talent management platform that helps companies with everything from recruiting the right talent to developing employee benchmarks and career goals. The intuitive platform enables corporations to manage all employee communications and updates in one, centralized location – that way no employee flies under the radar.

Creating clear pathways for employees is an essential component to maintaining employee engagement. When individuals feel that they have clear goals and support from management, it not only helps them gain more confidence in their roles but it also offers them the opportunity to explore advancement opportunities. Basing talent management within a digital portal maintains organizations and creates open lines of communication between both employer and employee. Although SuccessFactors is a sound foundation, it cannot be the only component of employee management. Company leaders and managers share to create open environments that invite employees to come forward and voice their opinions and insights. When all employees feel welcome and encourages to share ideas, it enables companies to think outside the box and progress.

Brand marketing doesn’t just reference programs intended to drive customer sales, it also extends to how a company’s reputation is perceived as a whole. Employees are any brand’s best marketers – when they feel happy and engaged in their day-to-day roles they share their affinities for their employers with their loved ones, friends and family.

Company recognize the talent

Companies that consistently rank as one of the best places to work go above and beyond in cultivating and recognizing talent within the company. Not only does a happy workforce help companies attract more talent, but it can also improve brand reputation. In today’s always-on, digital culture, consumers are increasingly aware of what goes on behind company’s closed doors. When employers don’t put their team first, or don’t cultivate work cultures steeped in respect and transparency, the public, often, finds out. When a company puts forth little effort to help its employees, it alarms consumers and begs the question, “If X company doesn’t care about their own staff, why should I be fooled into thinking it really cares about me as a customer?”

It’s easy for management and C-Level leaders to become disconnected with the people of an organization. Leveraging programs like SuccessFactors allows organizations to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s really happening within their workforce. Tracking employee engagement, scheduling regular check-in meetings, creating transparent career benchmarks, and giving individuals the opportunity to step forward with new ideas about their role or brand campaigns is imperative if an organization wants to retain talent.

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