Marketplace is B2B2C platform, third-custom could own independent store on marketplace.We create many new user groups for vendor to manage their stores, I want to help reader understrand the structure of vendor user group.


We design six new groups help vendor to manage their authority.


  • merchantoperatorgroup: responsible for the management of vendor on line and off line, review the submission of vendor.
  • vendorpermissiongroup: control vendor data permissions, so that each vendor can only see their products.
  • vendoradministratorgroup: vendor internal administrator, responsible for the opening of the sub user permissions, it has all the permissions of vendor.
  • vendorproductmanagergroup: responsible for the maintenance of product list, modify product information, maintain product image
  • vendorcontentmanagergroup:  responsible for the management of vendor’s page layout content, such as hot selling products.
  • vendorwarehousestaffgroup: responsible for vendor product inventory management.

Principal hierarchy

Hybris Marketplace Vendor User Group Responsibility Description