I just helped a customer install Data Quality Management for SAP from scratch.  2 days start-to-finish, including customizations.  We probably could have saved some time if we had all the files downloaded prior to starting the install.

Ingredients (all available from Software Download Center):

  • IPS 4.0 SP4 (release notes)
  • DS 4.1 SP1 Patch 1 (release notes)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — Data Services features — e.g. the jobs themselves (release notes)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — Java features  (e.g. the RFC servers)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — ABAP features (440_731 SP02)
  • an existing SAP ECC EHP6 system running on NW 7.31
  • Data Quality address directories


  • IPS install guide | admin guide
  • DS install guide | admin guide
  • DQM user’s guide — basically like an installation guide…very detailed and accurate! Read this several times before starting!

Most importantly, a list of SAP Notes we found helpful and got us past errors and hiccups.

1740516 – Compatibility requirements between DS, IPS, and Cleansing Package

1720236 – Available releases and patch levels of Data Services

1742633 – Permission error when logging into default local repo after DS 4.1 installation

1887978 – Address Cleanse Suggestions realtime job crashes with Access Violation

1732816 – How to manually import DQM ATL files correctly after failed install

1506464 – What version of DQM is deployed into SAP?

1857608 – BC set activation error on /FLDQ/RSPRODVER report

1517544 – How to activate or reactivate Business Configuration sets for DQM

1373324 – How long can expired USPS directories be used when running in noncertified mode?

1644004 – Enable or disable RFC Server trace logging (traces DQM traffic between SAP & DS)

1529071 – Sizing how many RFC Servers you should use

1544413 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – composite note

1764059 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – can’t find log file

1851293 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – not all services found

Sure, this presumes you know how to install & configure a basic SAP Data Services environment. But it went surprisingly quick and worked basically out-of-the-box. And if you have errors and roadblocks, SAP is here to support you if you create a message to component EIM-DQM-SAP.

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