Influence the next SAP Predictive Maintenance releases at the upcoming SAP-Centric EAM conference

Moving more from Preventive Maintenance to Condition-Based Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance is one of the hot topics for many of SAP’s EAM customers.


Influence SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service

If you happen to attend the upcoming March 5-7 SAP-Centric EAM conference in Huntington Beach, CA, there is an opportunity to spend an hour with an SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service product manager. Learn what the product covers, and tell about your needs to make better use the fusion of machine sensor/alert and maintenance data. Your feedback will help drive the direction of this product. Also learn how you can influence the product after the conference.


How to sign up?

The influence session will be part of the Usability Lab at the conference. If you are interested in one of the eight slots feel free to reserve one with [email protected], or sign up at the conference.

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