Some of you may know this: x systems, y clients and many more passwords you have to keep in mind. Furthermore there are more and more complex password rules, and remembering all these passwords seems to be impossible without any help.

Single-Sign-On is not available  and not planned in your company, so what do you do? I found a nice solution for this problem: KeePass

How does it work?

Some of you may already know KeePass. You may also noticed that you can enter a “URL” in every single entry:

One may have a look at note 103019 to see you can open a connection to your SAP systems with parameters. I use this command to connect to my SAP systems:

cmd://sapshcut –maxgui -system=SID -client=100 -user={USERNAME} -pw={PASSWORD}

The parameters -system and –client need to be configured once per system. The username and password are taken from your KeePass-Database. Save your settings and press CTRL+U to directly jump into your system. Great, isn’t it?

I hope I could at least help some people to handle their passwords a little easier now.

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