Hi.This is the 2nd post abut MR21 and Material Ledger.

This time, im going to try break some “rules” and “best practices” of the standard SAP.

CAUTION: Some of the steps in the sequence must not be run in PRD system or doit by your own risk. Im not related with SAP so dont accept my words as a Rule. First test and evaluate if this help you. This is an example for educational porpouses

0. Current month is 2013/08 MMPV was done!

1. Create a new product. ZPP_MR21_01.

2. Post GR in the previous month or 07/2013, and charge PriceDifference account, So we can do ML Close of July later.

Because MMPV was done, receipt of 07 is show as initial inventory of 08 (more complex, more fun)

3. Calculate and release a new Standard Cost for August.  Because status ” quantities and values entered” you cant release a new standard cost… But we break the rules

System change price difference UMB  500mxn. This must be cleared when we close ML in month 07.

4. OK, its time to do MR21, but because status “price change compleated” system dont allow mr21

5.there are some ways to face this problem, im not going to explain this in the blog, again , we break the rules . Please CHECK CAREFULLY, this is not a  LTPC late price change with MR21!!

6 Just set a new standard of 350, you can see the MR21 now allow a new value.

7, system create another document with price difference UMB, now the standar is 350. Again, UMB must be cleared… the total sun mow is 1000 in UMB.

8. Close the Previos Period 07

You can see the end stock of 07 is the beguining stock of 08

The ML Close in this period clear the 500 (release of new standard) + 500 (mr21)  of UMB. U = 1000

PRY is the difference between the Actual cost of the begin stock and the new standard cost (500 – 350)*10 = 1500. This 1500 must roll up in the period end closing of august.

PRY is the difference from the new standard and the actual price, and is created in the ML Close of the previous month, so it must roll up to the end stock or to the next level.  PRY is the value that Roll up, not the UMB created in MR21! this is the key point.

UMB created with MR21 and ML is a temporary account (i use the same account that standard cost release have)  and is cleared when you close the previos month in ML. The net value is 0 if your OBYC is correct, exactly as the release of a new standard cost in ck24. CHeck that  i use 2 accounts, one of UMB MR21  and other for PRY, because PRY is a real ML account that rollup.

If you close ML of the previous month and then do MR21 (with some tricks) UMB is not cleared and i think this is where the problem begin.

The behavior of MR22 is different!. UMB of MR22 is “always” P&L account, the recomendation is use a different account, because this is not cleared, you are creating “actual value in the balance” from nowhere so you have to hit the P&L. MR22 change the actual cost and is intended to roll up and also is correct that roll up!

Now check the final stock, the cost is 500 and is the same as the beguining stock and the same as the end stock of month 07.


Aditional Case.


1. i reverse ml close of 07

2. post MR21-LTPC. new standard is 400, so the system post

3. close ml in per 07.

4. Run ml close in period 08 (not the last step)

You can see the late price change in ckm3n dont post price difference,

and the new ml close doc clear UMB for 500 (ck24)  + 500 (MR21)  + 500 (mr21-ltpc)  = 1500

PRY is the difference between Standard and Actual 10 * (500 – 400), this is the value you see in the initial stock in price difference column.

So, now i did in month 08:

+ Relsease standard cost

+ MR21

+MR21 with LTPC


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