Since today a new version of the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse 2.13 is available for download on the SAP service market place.
This version is the successor of the ADT 2.7 version and runs against AS ABAP 7.31 SP4 (and higher) and AS ABAP 7.4.  
Just go to the SAP Software Download Center and ‘Search for Software Downloads‘ using the keywords ‘ABAP Eclipse‘ and install the 2.13 version. A detailed installation guide is also available as attachment of SAP Note 1886449.
This version is also available on our SAP Updatesite for the Eclipsetools:
Besides a bunch of software fixes the new version also contain some new cool features that I will introduce shortly:
Automatic syntax check for source code objects
With this nice little feature you will get much faster feedback on syntax errors within your source code. When you switch-on this feature in the settings, the syntax check is triggered automatically while you are typing in the ABAP editor. You don’t have to press CTRL-F2 or the check button in your IDE. Try it out, you will love it. See more details in the blog post from Michael Schneider:
Automatic code completion

One of the most important features within source code editing is code completion. CTRL-SPACE is your best friend when you need information about the components of an identifier that you use in your code, be it a method, a function module or a component of a structure. With ADT 2.13 you will get this information now automatically without pressing CTRL-SPACE. Just enter a component selector (->, =>, – or ~) and the editor will list all relevant components immediately. See more details in the blog post from Michael Schneider:

Web Dynpro ABAP Tools
With ADT 2.7 we introduced the Web Dynpro ABAP tooling in eclipse which is supported for AS ABAP 7.31 SP7 (and higher). Besides some important bug fixes we also introduced new features within the ADT 2.13 version to simplify your life in the area of controler editing and view designer.
Find a detailed list of all new features in the document from Ashwani Kumar Sharma:
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