Performance Tuning of BO Report with Query Stripping Feature

When we run a Bex query: every time when we add an object to the report, a MDX statement generated i.e. an access to the database is done.

On other hand, BOBJ report run based on microcube concept, microcube is a kind of cache that behaves as a non-live data source. Every object that is included in the query panel will be computed in microcube, irrespective of whether they are directly or indirectly dragged on to the report Thus including more number of free characteristics to the query panel of BO report to make it available for adhoc reporting can slow down the report performance.

BO Solution:

Query Stripping feature is very similar to how BEx behaves. This feature optimizes the query to fetch only data which will be dragged on to the report for user display thus increases the performance and faster display of the report for the user. This feature is only available for OLAP universes till v.3.1, and it will be grayed out when using any RDBMS universe. Enabling query stripping functionality is a 2 step process.

1. On the query level, enable the Query Stripping.

2. On the document property, enable the Query Stripping.

Note: The option is available with service pack 3.

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