The main & primary objective of sharing this post is “Proxy to Web service wrong scenarios available on  SCN “…

I have gone from so much difficulties while making this scenario that’s why i am sharing this blog.


Proxy to Web Service Synchronous Scenario.

(Blue Dart AWB No Generation)

This Steps to be done in Enterprise Service Builder.

Step [1] Create Namespace.

Step [2] Create External Definition for Web Service.

Step [3] Create 2 Data type for Request & Response.

3.1 Data type for Request Message.


3.2 Data type for Response Message.

Step [4] Create 2 Message type for Request & Response.

4.1 Message type for Request .

4.2 Message type for Response.


Step [5] Create 2 Service Interfaces.

5.1 Service Interface for Proxy.

5.2 Service Interface for Web service.


Step [6] Create 2 Messages Mapping for Request & Response.

6.1 Message Mapping For Request. 

6.2 Message Mapping For Response.


Step [7] Create Operation Mapping.

This Steps to be done Integration Builder.

Step [8] Create Folder First. Then, Create Business Component for Receiver.

 8.1 Business Component for SOAP Receiver.



Step [9] Create Communication Channel for Web Service.


Step [10] Create Receiver Determination.

 Step [11] Create Interface Determination.

Step [12] Create Receiver Agreement.


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