SAP Labs Bulgaria: Can we become ever bored of awards?: It was my first day at the company, only 10 days ago. And as for every first day, I expected to stumble upon administration  things like getting access to the company’s network, understanding the logic of the meeting rooms’ numbers or remembering the name of the colleague sitting next to me (having in mind I’ve met 56 other colleagues this day).

First task in biggest Bulgarian software company

As the end of the working day was near, I was a little bit dizzy from all the new information and people – and there it was, my first real task. Finally something to dobesides trying to remember on which floor I can get coffee. Work on next week’s SAP Labs Bulgaria Internal Newsletter. Yeah ????

I started immediately digging for information that I can include in the newsletter. I expected to find a lot, since SAP Labs Bulgaria is a big company and a lot of stuff is going on. But as much as I knew about the company coming here, it was a huge surprise to find out exactly how many achievements it has and how many awards show the appreciation of others. In one week alone I needed to choose a leading article among two big acknowledgements: SAP Labs Bulgaria was the leading company in Bulgaria according revenue from Software development for 2013 and for second consecutive year SAP Labs Bulgaria was “The biggest software company in Bulgaria”. Not an easy choice, right?

Lucky me, having the best employer

And it woke my curiosity. Was it just luck to find such news on my first day or not? I researched deeper and it was a matter of few clicks to find out, that SAP Labs Bulgaria won Hewitt Best Employer Award in Bulgaria for 2006, 2008 and 2012. And the company became TOP ICT company employer of the year for 2008 and 2013. And it was the IT company of the year in 2008. I guess I really am lucky – not for having found the news, but for working in such a company.

Inspired, I continued my “award-hunting”. I consider myself a kind of a book-worm, so I was really impressed that the company was presented with the “Support for libraries” award by the Bulgarian Libraries Association and that wasn’t the only CSR award! This is the point when I realized how much this type of work  means to me – thank God I see this as a good thing. It’s not strange then that the company received the Corporate Social Responsibility award of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies for 2011.

Best HRs are next door

Next result in my search: SAP Labs Bulgaria HR team is the “Best HR Team” according to the Annual HR Awards of the Bulgarian Association for People Management (the professional association of HR specialists in Bulgaria). Well, here is the moment for a little (smirk). After all, the best HR team chose me for my current position, so there is no way that I can’t be proud about it, can I? And because we’re talking about SAP, we can’t miss something German in our collection. SAP Labs Bulgaria won the award for Social responsibility projects from German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce for 2013 and is one of the biggest german investors in our country for the same year. Thank you SAP for coming to Bulgaria! J

I can continue with the list of awards, but I won’t – I’m afraid I’ll become boring. Here, at SAP Labs Bulgaria, I believe we’ll never be bored of awards and of sharing news about them with others. So now you know how really lucky I am, not because of the  the great news I can spread as PR & Communication specialist, but to work in a company like this!

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