SAP Lumira for BI Platform – Integration with HANA Fiori Launchpad

SAP Fiori Launchpad is the entry point to Fiori apps and most part of the customers want to use it as main portal for their users. Starting with version 1.29, SAP Lumira Server for BI is providing the OpenDocument feature for Lumira documents. I will show you in this document step-by-step how you can integrate the documents published into SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom with SAP Fiori Launchpad using OpenDocument feature.

SAP Fiori can be deployed on a SAP HANA itself or on an ABAP-based SAP system. In this blog I will focus on the HANA Fiori integration.

Step by Step Procedure:

  • Get the OpenDocument URL link for your Lumira Document.
  • Define the UI objects into SAP HANA Studio.
  • Configure the SAP Fiori LaunchPad adding the new defined tile.

Now let us explore the steps to integrate SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom with the Fiori Launchpad.

Get the OpenDocument link from SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom:

Step 1:

Launch SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom and login. Open one document you want to link into the Fiori LaunchPad and generate the Open Doc link  as shown bellow:

Step 2:

Copy the Open Doc link:

Define the UI objects into SAP HANA Studio

Step 1:

Open SAP Hana Studio and choose SAP HANA Development perspective.

Step 2:

Create a new XS Project:

Step 3:

Create an XSWIDGET:

Right click on the project and choose New->Others.

Select UICatalog type:

Give a name to your widget and click finish:

Double click on your widget and open it. Add a tile clicking on + button:

Select Static App Launcher:

Fill the title/subtite and paste the Open Doc URL you copied from SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom into Target URL:

Click on Save button:

Step 4:

Create an application site of type Fiori. Right cick on the project and choose New->Others and select UI Appication Site:

Save and activate the widget and the site you created.

Configure the Fiori LaunchPad with the new defined tile.

Open Fiori LaunchPad and Select Catalog mozaicuri:

You will be able to see your BI Integration Catalog:

Click on + button to add the new defined tile to a new catalog named “Lumira Reports”.

Go back the the groups and find your “Lumira Reports” group.

On clicking the tile, it will launch your Lumira report mentioned in the Target URL.

You have to take in consideration that BI authentication window will be displayed and you need to authenticate to the BI in order to be able to see the report. For sure, topics like SSO can be taken now in discussion, but this is material for other blog.

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