There are different methods of adding additional attributes and fields to analytical apps in profitability analysis. In previous blogs, we looked at simple ways of doing this. Now let’s examine the more complex method of creating custom fields as extensions to journal entries.

This method requires coding the derivation logic to define how the field is filled. But it’s highly flexible and you can define your own custom label.

With this method, characteristics are derived and stored at the time of posting.

  1. Open the Custom Fields and Logic
  2. Under Custom Fields, add a new field with the Journal Entry Item business context and save it.
  3. Under UIs and Reports, enable the UIs and reports in which you want the field to be displayed.
  4. Exit the maintenance screen of the new field.
  5. Publish the new field.
  6. Under Custom Logic, maintain the derivation logic of your new field by creating a new enhancement implementation.
  7. Publish the new enhancement implementation.

Note: Custom fields added using the Journal Entry Item business context are available for analytics in all enabled apps.

In my next and last blog of this series, I will summarize the three methods and provide you a comparison when to use which method.

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