I recently presented a session titled “Under the covers with NetWeaver Business Client” at the annual SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) Summit in Sydney Australia.

“Ever wondered how the SAP NetWeaver Business Client works? Well dust of your propeller hats and grab a seat. This session will give you a peak under the covers and into the nuts a bolts that make up one of SAPs strategic UI clients. You will learn what makes NWBC tick and the important parts on both the client and the server side, how to debug problems and get an insight into the inner workings of the product”

In a series of blog posts here on SCN I would like to share this session with the rest of the SAP community and get your feedback, so please use the comments section to let me know your thoughts.

To set the scene the story is of Bob. Bob is supporting NWBC for his organisation and he needs to solve a series of problems that users have reported. Along the way I hope you will gain insight into how NWBC works “under the covers” and learn some tools and tips that you will find useful. You can find the accompanying slide deck here (there is a useful slide that shows the basic NWBC architecture that might help too)

So lets go… here is the first problem for Bob:

#1 –  Alice can’t Logon

Alice has reported that when she starts NWBC she is unable to see any systems to log on to.

Key Learnings


I hope you enjoyed this first post. We still have four more problems to solve so please keep an eye out for the next instalment on Bobs courageous journey to solve all his users NWBC problems! Please don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments section below and please add any other problems you’d like to see Bob tackle!

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