Variant Creation using Transport Request and TVARVC:

  • Variant Creation using Transport Request and TVARVC: Most of the projects involve number of variant creation for programs which are used for scheduling jobs. We need this variant in each system to perform SIT, UAT and finally in Production system to enable the new functionalities
  • Creation of same manually in every system and especially in production system may lead to issues like data mis-match and thus the o/p of the job would impact the business scenario
  • This can be avoided by creation of Transport Request for Programs Variant in development system and then moving the same across system

Using Transport Request and TVARVC

    • This will reduce the efforts of creating the variants in every box
    • Manual intervention in production system will be avoided
  • Here, there are few Variant which are dependent on logical system for example RIMODGEN and RIMODAC2 in SAP-APO to create integration model.
  • Logical System would be different in each of the Development, SIT, UAT and Production box.
  • Thus to make sure the respective logical system is updated correctly in the variant we will have a TVARVC having the logical system maintained in it and the same TVARVC will also be maintained in the variant attributes while Variant creation in development system.

Step 1:

Create TVARVC having the logical system
Tcode : STVARV

Step 2:

Create the variant for program
Example : variant creation for CFM1 ( Integration model )

Varinat Attributes :

Maintain the TVARVC created in Step 1 in the logical system attribute:
Select Type of Variable as ‘T’

Select the TVARVC from the list

Save the variant

Step 2:

Program RSTRANSP is used to create variant for Program using Transport Request




Insert the Program and Variant name on the selection screen

Pop Screen will appear , fill in the Description for TP and note the Transport Request number.

Step 3 :

1. The TP created in Step 2 can be moved to the respective SIT, UAT and Production system reducing the efforts of manully creating the variant in each system.
2. For the Logical System issue , a TVARVC has to be created with same Variable name ie Z_LOG_SYS in each of the system and respective logical system has to be maintined in the in same .

Example :
In SIT System assume the logical name of APO box connected to the same is SIT001
a. TVARVC Z_LOG_SYS has to be created in SIT system with entry SIT001 .
b. On moving the TP , correct logical system will appear on the Intergartion Model creation screen.
Thus reducing manual intervention

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