Waits in Batch Jobs – Implementation: Many times, a batch process will push large amounts of data into SAP, very quickly.  Commit processes can have queues.  Lock processes can have queues.  Where there are queues, they can get backed up (overloaded).  Your batch job may have steps that are dependent on each other.  They can then fail because the first process is still stuck in queue even though the step is finished.  How do you wait a bit before carrying out the next step?

This program will seem dumb, but if it works…  Well I leave it to you.

REPORT z_bc_wait. PARAMETERS: * Number of seconds to wait   p_sec LIKE sy-subrc. ************************************************************************ *                    START-OF-SELECTION                                * ************************************************************************ START-OF-SELECTION. * Wait for the seconds specified in the initial screen   WAIT UP TO p_sec SECONDS.  

Set a variant for, say 60 seconds.

If you have a job with steps like:

Suppose you are worried that 2 is not complete when 3 starts and dito 3 and 4, 5 and 6.

Change the job steps to:

I hope that you find this helpful!

Neal Wilhite

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