In SAP community, Web Dynpro ABAP is one of the popular technologies to create business applications. Developers currently uses Web Dynpro tools in Web Dynpro ABAP Workbench (under se80). These tools provides rich set of editors to create, run, debug and maintain Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

We, from the development team in SAP, are currently evaluating the need of Eclipse based development environment for Web Dynpro ABAP, similar to SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

This blog is intended for all Web Dynpro ABAP developers to collect their feedback on the idea of of building Web Dynpro ABAP in Eclipse via the survey –  Web Dynpro ABAP in Eclipse Survey. The survey will be open till 25 April, 2012.

Please participate in the survey to let us know what do you think about this idea.You can also comment on this blog if your comments/feedback are outside the set of questions asked in the survey.

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