The webservice datasource works with a push mechanicm allow the datadelivery from the source system which is initiating the
extraction process. (As of 7.3 this can also be a pull datasource meaning bw can initiate the data retrieve.)

Configuring the webservice,

which uses the standardized XML format, is done in the administrator workbench.

To receive soap documents the SOAP service needs to be active in SICF only then data can be sent to bw through webservices.

Before the datasource can be configured a sources system of the type webservice needs to be created. 

Maintain the necessary fields in the datasource and create an infopackage.

On the web services navigator test the WSDL service interface which can be access by going through the the Netweaver Java Application

To retrieve the URL with the XML definition go through WSADMIN (the transaction is obsolete from SAP NetWeaver AS 7.00, SP14) use SOAMANAGER.

Make sure that the port is setup properly in SAP Netweaver Administrator –> SOA tab –> SOA Middleware Global Settings –> HTTP Proxy tab.

Take the URL and provide it in the Web Service Navigator to test your webservice.  The webservice shows the defined fields provided in the definition of the datasource. After the import “manage PSA” will show the new created entry.

The webservice is working.


The XML-Schema defines the rules how the XML document has to be structured. The document used to exchange data needs to
be “well-formed” and “valid”. Meaning it has to contain all rules according to W3C. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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