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We have many mixed corrections which are ONLY valid for 751 release this week :

  • 2492411 – Merging of query parts from search and authorization – This note is an improvement of search performance of Enterprise Search on SAP HANA
  • 2490982 – Transport request via user parameter for ranking cockpit in 751 – It provides transport requests for ranking cockpit
  • 2490199 – ES Configured Ranking: Problems creating a Ranking Factor

If two software components are used to create connectors for models that contain the authorization check with the same name, your system will dump. Here are the corrections for this runtime error :

  • 2457024 – Dump for connector creation in method GET_AUTH_REL_REQ_RESP_FIELDS of class CL_ESH_OM_OTYP_EXT_IV
  • 2491421 – Dump for connector creation in method GET_AUTH_REL_REQ_RESP_FIELDS von Klasse CL_ESH_OM_OTYP_EXT_IV II

Some error messages in task lists SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT, SAP_ESH_CREATE_INDEX_SC and SAP_ESH_UPDATE_SC have been corrected in SAP note
2488916 – “Consolidate Connector Status” task: Real-time indexing ended unexpectedly.

Developers have improved supportability for customer systems via ESH_TEST_SEARCH report.
2492116 – Downport: Consistency Check ESH_TEST_SEARCH: Repair button / message long text

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