When you run F.05 Bal sheet preparation valuation, even you do not have any setting in bal. sheet adj. account in OBA1, system still updates exchange rate difference for field BSEG-BDIFF for open items. Later, when you clear open items, you meet error saying the customizing is missing in OBA1.


If indicator ‘Balance Sheet Preparation” is set, valuation postings are executed in addition to update of BSEG-BDIFF. These valuation postings are normally posted via call transaction. If this call transaction runs to an error a Batch Input session SAPF100 is created.

If no batch input session exists with the valuation postings and no postings are on the adjustment / gain-loss account it could happen that batch input session (in error) was deleted.

In this case the valuated line items are updated with valuation difference in BSEG-BDIFF field, but the postings on gain/loss and bal. sheet adj. account are missing.


In case you have similar issue exists in your system.

The solution is to reset the last valuation.
You have to create a new valuation method ‘reset’ and run the same variant with the reset method. This way the fields bdiff will be zero.
Please note, that if you had valuated in previous periods this documents with balance sheet preparation indicator checked, you can not recover
the old value, the program sapf100 updates the field bdiff without storing the old amount.

Please, heck note 545032 and 31100.

Please note that this run would create corresponding reset postings.

If you would like to reset the previous valuation run, please test
test the below intructions:

1  Create valuation method  (OB59) with ‘Reset’ valuation procedure ( see F1-field help )
2  Run SAPF100 in test mode ( indicator ‘create postings’ and ‘bal. sheet preparation val.’ deactivated ) with same selection values as done on the incorrect  run, but use ‘reset’ valuation method instead of the original one.
3  Check the sapf100 logs created
4  If checks are o.k. run SAPF100 in prod. mode ( with indicator ‘bal. sheet preparation val.’ activated.
This will create postings acording to F1-field help of field ‘reset’ and will set the valuation difference in the valuated documents to zero. These postings will be done right away if no errors occur.
5  Check the balances of your gain/ loss,bal. sheet adjustment accounts. To get the correct balances on these accounts you may  cancel the reversal of your original valuation document .

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