Life is all about options.

The Startup Focus Market Enablement team is no different.  Options mean flexibility for you – the creator; the startup. 

Whether you are just considering the Startup Focus program, or are nearly completed your proof of concept, we look forward to working with you in the small but mighty market enablement team !

There are many options, so we should begin with guidance and coaching.  Coaching is important to determine your most effective go to market options. This will depend upon your a) technical architecture, b)  profile of your end-consumer (e.g. business versus consumer), c) pricing model, d) product bundling, and e) total solution price point.

Depending on the outcome of this analysis, we will find the right GTM for you:  


Several startups choose to go productive with cloud services from SAP or partners.  SAP offers the HANA Enterprise Cloud and the HANA Cloud Platform, for easy rapid customer deployment.  (SAP HANA Cloud Platform)   These offerings are also now available on a subscription basis, increasing flexibility and allowing OPEX instead of CAPEX spend.  

Partners also offer a variety of Cloud options.  Amazon Web services, Savvis, Portugal Telecom and Korea Telecom all have fantastic offerings. The obvious benefits of this model is making HANA completely seamless within your infrastructure. Other startups prefer a co-location or may even host on their own boxes. OEM licenses may be purchased for any of these various deployment options.


Another option that is gaining popularity is the appliance model. In this case the start up will combine a HANA OEM license with their own solution, integrate and preconfigure the heck out of the bundled solution. Once loaded onto a box, they are ready to ship to customers.


Of course an OEM run time license may be secured for you to redistribute HANA to your end customers. 

4) Co-Sell: 

Last but not least is the Co-Sell model. This option is really popular to startups but keep a few key things in mind:

  • In this model the SAP Direct salesforce is selling HANA
  • You need to be able to work with the SAP direct salesforce
  • The SAP direct salesforce has to see value in working with you ! 

Here, the start up is working with the SAP field, to sell a combined offering.  We have arranged for compensation for the SAP field in all registered deals.  Please read the next section: 

5) SAP Field Compensation (For Co-Sell Only): 

A registered deal basically means that all three criteria have been met: 

  • The Start up agrees to work with the SAP field and registers the deal — http:/ 
  • The SAP Field agrees to work with the start up and registers the deal — http:/   
  • A revenue sharing agreement has been signed by the start up.

In the case of registered deals, the SAP account executive (AE) and/or the global account director (GAD), and their respective first line management, are compensated based upon the revenue sharing.  But do not lose sight of the key take away:  Customers win and customers must win.  The field compensation is a motivational tool to ensure customers get all the HANA-based Apps that will make them more successful in their respective industry.

This is all about customers becoming more competitive in their respective industries and strategic endeavors. Period. 

There is also a variety of collateral, recorded demos, and live demos that the Market Enablement team uses both with the SAP field and with End Customers. There are also many events, both SAP and non-SAP, where the validated start up solutions are presented to customer prospects. I will go into these other offerings in a separate blog.     Thank you for reading !

Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments. 

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