R/3 Side:

Install from BI Content

GOTO RSA5 and Activate the DataSources 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_UM




Check the DS whether it is available in RSA6 and also activate the extract structure MC03BF0 in LBWE.

Delete the historical data for these DS

Go to transaction SM13.Use Collective Run (Program Name RMBWV303) and pull data into BW using the Info Sources 2LIS_03_BF & 2LIS_03_UM and delete the data in BW.

Check for the Inventory transactions, if not available consider the collective run is done and data is migrated to BW


Select Queue Name MCEX03 and delete it in Transaction Code LBWQ in ECC.


If not available consider the collective run is done and data is migrated to BW.

Delete Data from setup Tables

Go to transaction LBWG. Using F4 help select the setup of Inventory Controlling (03) and execute


After deleting the setup tables, run the DS in RSA3 and make sure it fetches 0 records.

Once confirmed we need to fill the setup tables of all the DS

Stock Initialization

Stock Initialization is basically done to set an entry into the system which leads to the opening stock.

Initialize stock using transaction MCNB for 2LIS_03_BX data source.

Setup Table: MC03BX0SETUP


You can also find the initialization of the opening stock in transaction SBIW in the ECC source system under the menu entry specified below:


After executing the menu entry you will come to the definition of the initialization run where you can restrict by plant, material and storage location. The definition screen is shown below. Please consider that the termination date is in the future.


Execute it.

Check the DS in RSA3 whether it is fetching the data

No material postings must be carried out during this process, since material movements influence the current stock. This run is not very time-intensive because the system does not read the individual documents from the very large MSEG table. Instead, it accesses the substantially smaller tables MARC, MARD and so on. Only if you use the option “Zero stock to be transferred” runtime increases rapidly.

Setup of statistical data for material documents in the R/3 source system and here all historical material movements are to be set up that has lead to the opening stock in step 1 (this makes it later possible in BW to calculate historical stock values). Ideally you still keep the posting block during this run. If this is not possible you have to make sure that by restrictions for posting date or the material document number you only select those material documents that have created the opening stock (step 1).

Please consider that material movements that have been posted into the future for a date (field BUDAT) after the initial stock date are not getting selected if the upper restriction bound is exactly this date. In this case you have to choose an appropriate upper bound like 31st December 2099 and to keep the posting block. Also if you post new documents to a date (field BUDAT) earlier than the initial stock date you have to keep the posting block as time restrictions won’t help to determine the right documents (maybe restrictions by document number help).

Activating the extract structure results in new material documents being included in the extraction queue (transaction LBWQ) or central update table VBDATA (transaction SM13).7 It has to be guaranteed that such records are not included in the setup table either by posting block or appropriate selections otherwise they get extracted double to BW.

The following source system constellation applies after the above steps:

  • Current stock balance with DataSource 2LIS_03_BX in the setup table MC03BX0SETUP.
  • Historical material documents with DataSource 2LIS_03_BF in the setup table MC03BF0SETUP belonging to extract structure MC03BF0.
  • Postings done after the set up are found in the extraction queue or central update table. They can be later transferred into the BW using the delta queue (transaction RSA7).

In some cases, the setup of statistical data can take a very long time due to the volume of data involved. This means that, during the whole period, (newly created) material documents are written to the central update table VBDATA (if no posting block) without being received into the V3 update. Data is only extracted from the update table when the delta process of DataSource 2LIS_03_BF has been successfully initialized.

Fill Setup Tables

Fill Setup Table for 2LIS_03_BF-> Transaction OLI1BW or we can find the setup of statistical data under transaction SBIW in the ECC system

Give the Run name and execute it


Fill Setup Table for 2LIS_03_UM-> Transaction OLIZBW or we can find the setup of statistical data under transaction SBIW in the ECC system

Give the Run name, company code and execute it.


Check the DS in RSA3.

BI Side:

Install the cube 0IC_C03 from BI Content and in grouping give “In dataflow before and afterwards” and migrate the DS to BI 7.0 from BW3.x

Replicate the Metadata for all three DS (2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM)

Pull Data for 2LIS_03_BX

It’s a onetime activity and needs to be done carefully. In the Info Package, choose the upload mode “Generate Initial Status”

For 2LIS_03_BX, execute the IP “0PAK_DC0YYQGB9G8D19VQ4JFSFVNJU” in the update tab we can find an option called as Generate Initial Status (If you select this field, non-cumulative for a particular time unit are transferred for constructing the start non-cumulative from the Extractor. This is determined by the smallest time unit of the InfoSource).

Now create a DTP and execute it.

In the info cube (0IC_C03), release request with Marker Update (No Tick).

Marker update is just like check point i.e. it will give the snapshot of the stock on a particular date when it was updated. As we are using Noncumulative key figure it will take lot of time to calculate the current stock for example at report time. To overcome this we use marker update.


For 2LIS_03_BF, execute the IP “0PAK_DC0YYQGB9G6TO187HGKKB0V0A”

Now create a DTP and execute it.

After successfully uploading the historical material movements, the associated request has to be compressed. You must make sure the “No marker update” indicator is set. This is necessary because the historical material movements are already contained in the opening stock


After Compression go to R/3 side

Material documents that appear in the system during this time (that is, between the end of step 1 and the successful initialization of DataSource 2LIS_03_BF) now appear in the extraction queue or central update table. You must not start the unserialized V3 update or queued delta control run before this point. Executing this run before successfully initializing the DataSource for the movements results in the records contained in the extraction queue or central update table being lost. During this run, data is written from the extraction queue or central update table into the delta queue (transaction code in R/3: RSA7). Only at this point is it available for extraction for the BW.




Here, you can manually start the run for the different applications, or schedule it periodically

Successive (for example, daily) delta uploads can be started with the DataSource 2LIS_03_BF from this point in time on. These requests should also be compressed after successful validation. You need to use a marker update with this compression, meaning that the indicator must not be set.

Create a Process chain as below to load and create a start variant based on the requirement



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