Inbound Delivery in SAP R/3 can be created from SAP XI using basic Idoc Type ‘DELVRY03’ and Message type ‘DESADV&#146. From an XI perspective, the crucial and tough part in creating this interface lies in Message mapping. For an XI consultant who does not have an R/3 background, mapping various segments of an Idoc would be nightmare. This blog would help them considerably reduce their development time.

This screen shot shows the mapping template for the Idoc.

Given below is a list of segments and the various fields that need to be populated for creating an Inbound Delivery using Idoc type ‘DELVRY03&#146:

Segment: E1EDL20

VSTEL    Shipping point

VKORG    Sales Organization



Segment: E1EDL21

LFART    Delivery Type

TRAGR    Transport group

Segment: E1EDT13

QUALF    ‘007’ (Outward) delivery

NTANF    Constraint for activity start time

ISDD    Actual start: Execution

Segment: E1EDL24

POSNR    Item number

MATNR    Material number

WERKS    Plant

LGORT    Storage Location

KDMAT     Material belonging to the customer

LFIMG     Actual quantity delivered (in sales units)

VRKME     Sales unit

NTGEW     Net weight

BRGEW     Gross weight

GEWEI     Weight Unit

LADGR     Loading group

TRAGR     Transport group

VKBUR     Sales office

VKGRP     Sales group

VTWEG     Distribution channel

SPART     Division

ABRDT     Delivery Schedule Date

Segment: E1EDL43

QUALF     7′ SD document category

POSNR     Item number

DATUM     IDOC: Date

Segment: E1EDL41

QUALI     001′ Qualifier for Reference Data of Ordering Party

BSTNR     Customer purchase order number

BSTDT     Customer purchase order date

IHREZ     Customer’s or vendor’s internal reference

POSEX     Item Number of the Underlying Purchase Order

Segment: E1EDL37

EXIDV     External Handling Unit Identification

BRGEW     Total Weight of Handling Unit

NTGEW     Loading Weight of Handling Unit

VHILM_KU     Material belonging to the customer

Segment: E1EDL44

POSNR     Item number

EXIDV     External Handling Unit Identification

VEMNG     Base Quantity Packed in the Handling Unit Item

VEMEH     Base Unit of Measure of the Quantity to be Packed

MATNR     Material number

KDMAT     Material belonging to the customer

WERKS     Plant

LGORT     Storage location

WDATU Date of goods receipt

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