This blog  discusses about data needs to be sent to SAP Business One support while creating incidents for different SAP Business One version for SAP HANA scenarios :


Scenario Data needed Location

SAP HANA installation


SAP HANA installation logs /var/tmp/hdb___
SAP Business one installation SAP Business One  installation logs /Path to installation directory/SAPBusinessOne/logs

SAP Business One client installation


SAP Business One install logs SAP note  2432304 
Analytics Tomcat logs (Catalina.out) , AnalyticsService.log

Tomcat logs : /Path to Installation directory /Common/tomcat/logs

Analytics service logs :/var/log/SAPBusinessOne/ AnalyticsPlatform

Fiori cockpit SAP Business One client logs , Troubleshooting steps as per SAP Note C:ProgramDataSAPSAP Business OneLogSAP Business OneI305125BusinessOne

SAP HANA schema import/export


Debug level trace for index server SAP HANA Index server trace as per SAP note   2134959 
SAP HANA memory Fullsysteminfodump As per SAP note 1732157

SAP HANA service crash /service is not starting


Fullsysteminfodump As per SAP note 1732157
Database upgrade Upgrade logs , Version information,

Mandatory Information required for SAP Business One Upgrade Incident As per SAP note 2380811


Backup service Tomcat logs (Catalina.out), Backup service logs

Tomcat logs : /Path to Installation directory /Common/tomcat/logs,

Backup service logs /var/log/SAPBusinessOne/BackupService/logs/_315 and /var/log/SAPBusinessOne/ServerTools/BackupService

Job service Tomcat logs (Catalina.out), mailer.log

Tomcat logs : /Path to Installation directory /Common/tomcat/logs,

Mailer logs  :/var/log/SAPBusinessOne/ /ServerTools/Mailer

SQL Query Fullsysteminfodump with SQL trace enabled As per SAP note 2031647
RSP RSP agent service logs %ProgramData%SAPSAP Business OneLogRemote Support PlatformService SAP note 2414424




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