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This is my first blog so forgive me if the content is not upto the mark.

I want to write this blog as i didnt find any when i start with SAP CPS for initial learners.

I really struggled a lot to get the basic informations with respective to SAP CPS.

As the installation and configuration is bit straight forward however the concepts is not covered anywhere.

Implementing the SAP CPS for the new SAP customers is very easy as we will configure all the jobs and events from the CPS directly.

However already established SAP customers want to implement SAP CPS in their enviornment to integrate the job scheduling and maintain it centrally.

Then the challenge comes to the implementation partner.

The only one challenge is more than enough in our case

That is How to schedule all the existing jobs from SAP systems to schedule it via CPS centrally?

This topic is not covered in the SAP documentation as well. I checked with SAP and even with the SDN forums. you can check the below forum link which drives me to write this blog.

If the customer is having hardly 300 jobs running under the ECC system and 200+ in the BW environment and 100+ in PI environment and follows.

How to migrate those jobs to CPS?

It is very easy part we can use the job to import all the running jobs to CPS. However it doesnt mean it is running via CPS. We can able to monior those jobs from CPS but this is not we want. We want to schdule those via CPS.

How to schedule all the existing jobs from SAP systems to schedule it via CPS centrally?

We comes to the hard part now. Monitoring from CPS doesnt fulfill our requirement so to schedule those jobs from CPS we need to intercept each and every job manually to schedule it from CPS.

It is same as creating the fresh job from CPS and removing the job which was running in ECC. We can able to do for couple of jobs however think of large no of jobs. But it is the case with CPS, we dont have any standard script to do so.

Implementing the SAP CPS for the existing customer need lot of efforts in terms of scheduling jobs via CPS. We need to have a cut over plan for these activities.

Maybe we can migrate with respective to modules such as MM,PP,FI,etc. In order to avoid confusion but it will be hard way to migrate all the jobs centrally.

It will make the project duration for such a longtime. Am going to implement for one of the customers. Let me comeback and share my experience after the project. If am able to do any scripting to automate this process or atleast to speed up the implementation. I will share the same. So i will keep this blog open to continue once am done with my assignment.

Please let me know your queries am ready to provide the answers if i can..

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