SAP Hybris Expert Services, Marketing Practice

Welcome to the blog posts of the Expert Services, Marketing Practice.

We are happy to share with you our experience around Marketing Business Technology, Integration and Analytics. Our blogs will help you to identify new ideas, better understand what you are up to and how to best achieve your goals.

This blog series is a living creature and is constantly enhanced and updated.

Table of Content

Marketing Business Technology

Under construction – stay tuned for the first blogs to be available soon

Marketing Integration

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud – Verifying E-Mail addresses with Neverbounce

Enable Location-based Marketing with Geocoding by Google Maps

Enable personalized messaging via WhatsApp and WhatsBroadcast

Enable personalized messaging via Facebook Messenger using Open Channel

Leverage Fitbit data to run SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Campaigns

Marketing Analytics

How to implement custom predictive scores for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

Measure brand love and customer value in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud using a RFE-based score