Many times we are fetching data from the various tables where we have to take the Header details and also the Item details and to do that we have to incorporate the logic to the ABAPers with the proper Primary and Foreign key logic to fetch the correct data to build any Logistics report like Sales report.

As we all know that for any sales report we have take the following tables data as Header tables;

  1. VBAK
  2. LIKP
  3. VBRK
  4. MKPF

And corresponding Item details from the below tables;

  1. VBAP
  2. LIPS
  3. VBRP
  4. MSEG

And same is applicable for the Purchase report also.

Here are some tables which is as VIEW category where SAP has taken care the joining and the both Header and Item details can be seen in the SE16 or SE16N at a glance.

Table Name Short text
WB2_V_EKKO_EKPO Data Selection from PO
WB2_V_EKKO_EKPO2 Data Selection from PO (without WBGT)
WB2_V_LIKP_LIPS Data Selection from Deliveries
WB2_V_LIKP_LIPS2 Data Selection from Deliveries (without WBGT)
WB2_V_MKPF_MSEG Data Selection from Material Documents
WB2_V_MKPF_MSEG2 Data Selection from Material Documents (without WBGT)
WB2_V_RBKP_RSEG Select Invoice Verification Documents
WB2_V_RBKP_RSEG2 Select Invoice Verification Documents (without WBGT)
WB2_V_VBAK_VBAP Data Selection from SO
WB2_V_VBAK_VBAP2 Data Selection from SO (without WBGT)
WB2_V_VBRK_VBRL Data Selection from Customer Billing Document Lists
WB2_V_VBRK_VBRL2 Data Selection from Cust. Billing Doc. Lists (without WBGT)
WB2_V_VBRK_VBRP Data Selection from Customer Billing Document
WB2_V_VBRK_VBRP2 Data Selection from Customer Billing Documents (w/o WBGT)

Here are sample screen shot attached as reference;

Sales Billing Table

Purchasing Table

The above tables are very useful to check the Itemized details at a glance like Material Movement details,Billing details,Purchase details and etc.

Hope this is helpful.



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