MRP can be executed in MRP controller level while Total Planning run in MD01 across plant or group of plants .In MD01, a scope of planning code with a list of plants can be included .All those plants will have their individual list of MRP Controller based on business requirement  .MRP controllers are nothing but owner of the list of  materials under plants . In martial master, MRP controller code needs to be maintained in MRP1 view .MRP Controllers are useful for various reporting purpose like in Stock Requirement List or MRP List or Material Usage report etc.

Very often, we come across business scenario where inventory will have to be planned across plants but planner wants avoid planning huge no of material which are not needed in a particular planning cycle.

In that scenario, one can choose list of MRP Controller  in MD01 and execute the planning run .This will help them  to plan material  based on actual demand and requirement situation at various plants .

To achieve that we can follow the bellow steps:

Technical Setup:

Enhancement: M61X0001   Functional Module : EXIT_SAPLM61C_001

User Exit parameter = MRP controller code (MARC-DISPO)  in functional module  EXIT_SAPMM61X_001

Logic: You have to select all the materials (MARC-MATNR) from Plant (MARC-WERKS) where MRP controller (MARC-DISPO) ≠ (RM61X-UXPAR), MRP type   (MARC-DISMM) ≠ ND.

Let say, if you have MRP Controller configured in OPPQ as follows:

001 -FG MRP Controller

002-SFG MRP Controller

003 -ROH MRP Controller 

Then, you  have to include those controller no where MARC-DISPO = 001 or 002 or 003  along with NO_PLANNING = ‘X’  for the list of materials  in plants .

While running MD01, system will put the block NO_PLANNING = ‘X’ for all the plant materials whose MRP controller (MARC-DISPO) ≠ ( RM61X- UXPAR)

Go to  SAP T-Code : SMOD  , then enter the Enhancement M61X0001 :

Select the Component and double click on EXIT_SAPMM61X_001  to get the  include ZXM61U01

In the ZXM61U01 – all the MRP Controller will be included for planning through MD01

Configuration Setup: 

  1. Define MRP Controller in OPPQ or SPRO-Production –MRP-Master Data –Define MRP Controller


2 . Go to OMIX to maintain the User Exit Key :

3. Go to OM0E to maintain the Scope of Planning for list of plants for total planning run :

4.Go to OMIX to set up the Parallel Processing for running MRP across multiple plants  and MRP controller . By using parallel processing procedures, you can significantly improve the total planning run. The parallel processing procedures can either run on several servers or in several sessions. Always parallel processing will improve the system speed by accessing data base layer with multiple application layer .

Material Master Setup:  Maintain MRP Controller and MRP Type in Material Master MRP1 view (MM01 /MM02)

Total Planning Run–MD01

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