0MAT_PLANT_ATTR – Not Picking Any Delta Issue Description : Standard Data source 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR is not Picking any Deltas in Production system and giving memory dumps in source system.  In BW Delta Queue using transaction RSA7 in ECC system there are no records when the Delta Info packages are executed in BW and its causing memory dumps as “TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED” in source system.

This type of dump can occur due to tables BDCPV and BDCP2 which may have many entries. Let’s closely look at this.


BDCP2 has 55 million entries and table BDCPV 6 million entries.

Table BDCP2 contains over 55 million entries.

Table BDCPV contains over 6 million entries.

To clean down these entries the report RBDCPMIG_ALL_WITHOUT_MIG_FLAG needs to be run and then the report RBDCPCLR needs to be executed.     


1. Schedule report RBDCPMIG_ALL_WITHOUT_MIG_FLAG to migrate all the Change Pointers for different message types.

2. After migration you should delete all change pointers with processed flag. Use report RBDCPCLR without test mode and option ‘processed change pointer’.  

3. For various message types  sometimes we see a lot of not processed change pointers and no processed change pointers. Sometimes it’s a sign that they have been activated by mistake. So please cross check this If they are not needed delete them using RBDCPCLR and use the obsolete option. Then deactivate message types that are not needed.

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