Product replication from SAP ERP to SAP Hybris Commerce: Replicate B2B product data from the SAP ERP to SAP Hybris Commerce using Application Link Enabling (ALE) and the IDOC Interface technology.

Before following below steps please check whether sap-integrationsystem-configurations are done.


Creating a sample product (material master).

Go to TCODE MM01 used for the creation of material master record

which consists of few fields that contain the basic information on our material.

1.Enter Industry sector

2.Enter Material type.

We can click on Select View(s) to choose which views we need to create for the material

Step 2: 

Select the Check Mark,You can see an option button on the screen below for selecting all views (rarely used in a productive environment).

Step 3:

Enter Organizational levels for the views we selected in the previous step.For example, those could be Plant, Storage Location, Sales Organization and Distribution Channel etc.

Click the Check Button.


It will create material, give the description,base unit of measure and material group.

Now click on save, material 2951 is created.

Step 5:

Settings for Product Master Data Replication in HMC.

In HMC go to SAP Integration -> SAP Global Configuration -> Product Replication

In the Product Settings for Data Hub section,right click in the Mapping Sales Areas To Catalogs table and choose “Create Mapping Sales Areas to Catalog”.

Enter the following values:

Sales Organization    0001

Distribution Channel   01

Catalog  Version        ERP_CLASSIFICATION_300-ERP_IMPORT (Simple materials)

Step 6:

Check if the ”Start Upload” button is inactive. If the button is inactive you have to generate an instance of the SAPAdministration type first.

Go to HMC SAP Integration -> SAP Administration -> Data Hub tab.


Go to HMC System -> Types section and search for the SAPAdministration type.

Click the identifier field,click on search.

Step 8:

Now double click on the SAPAdministration type and click on the “Create instance” button.

Click on save.

now we can see the start upload is in active condition.after click on save button.

Click on start upload button to transfer the SAP Global Configuration to Data Hub.

Step 9:

Go to ERP system and Display Distribution Model (transaction BD64), Click on edit mode, choose create model view.

Enter the following values:Short text=SAP ERP to hybris Technical name=HYB_PRO_KR Validity dates=Leave the default values.

Step 10:

We will define which systems we are communicating with, and what data (Message Type) we are sending or receiving from/to them.

Click on SAVE button and now we will able to see the details we have created.

Step 11:

Replicate Initial Product Master Data from SAP ERP to hybris and Go to TCODE BD10 enter the following values to send the SAPHYB_PROD Material to hybris: Material=2951 Message type=MATMAS Logical system=HYBRIS_KR Send Material in Full=unchecked,click execute.

Click on continue.

Step 12:

To check the IDOC status go to TCODE WE05/02.

Step 13:

Check the hybris Server log to see if the resulting Impex was successfully imported,Check the console that the type Base Product and Sales Product is successfully imported.

Step 14:

Go to the HMC in Catalog -> Products and then click on the Search button to see all the Base Products available. You should see the 2951 material(Product) as it was replicated from SAP ERP as a Base Product.

Step 15:

 Double click on that product and change catalog version as  ERP_CLASSIFICATION_300_ERP_IMPORT, Click on save.

We completed product replication from SAP ERP to Hybirs system.

Thanks for reading.

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