Using a Main Storage/Picking Bin Location Model

Using a Main Storage/Picking Bin Location Model: In an environment where there is a main storage bin location for a specific item and a smaller bin location for that item within a pick face for expedient picking, there will be a need to periodically replenish the pick face bin location with items held in the main storage location.

This can be done by either the Bin Location List or the Bin Location Content List and works with bin locations which have only one single item stored within them.

The pick face bin location master should be set up with a Minimum Qty and Maximum Qty. If the Minimum Qty falls below then it will typically be required to replenish the quantity up to the Maximum Qty.

List Screen Below

See the example Bin Location Content List screen below which displays the minimum and maximum quantities. It also displays the Qty. Below Min. and Replenishment Qty fields. Typically, Pick Face Bin Locations with a positive Qty. Below Min., will be need to be selected for replenishment. The Pick Face Bin Locations should be set up with coding such that they can be easily filtered via the selection criteria screen. After opening the Bin Location Content List, the Qty. Below Min. field can be sorted which makes it easy to select the range of lines with a positive Qty. Below Min. value (tip – to quickly select a range of consecutive rows, select the first row in the range and then hold the Shift key while selecting the last required row in the range).

After selecting the required rows select the Replenish Bin Locations option from the Inventory Transfer button. The selected row details will then be automatically passed to the Inventory Transfer screen, with the Bin Location set to the “To Bin Location” and the transfer quantity set to the Replenishment Qty from the Bin Location Content List.

The “From Bin Location” will be automatically populated according to the “Auto Alloc. on Issue” field in the Warehouse – Setup window (see below).

In an environment where there are just two bin locations hold this same item, in other words the main storage bin location and the pick face bin location, the “From Bin Location” should typically be allocated to the main storage bin location.

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